Wednesday, January 30, 2008

yeah and that too.

if i were to even want to get some work done today i couldn't.
i go out into the shop to see if i can get something started today only to find laborers painting rusty metal for some job they are on in my work space.

"hey you guys should wire brush that all off before you paint it. it looks like shit and will bleed through in a couple of weeks..."
"whatever. ess not for us."
"oh, so doing shitty work for someone else is what we do here?"
"fuck it."

so i move on up the yard to see whats happening with the tree stump removal.

"whats up? why are storing all this rotten wood.?"
"i dunno."
"it sure does take up a lot of space."
"i think they are going to flatten this all out so we can put the wood here."
i walk over to the boss type guy.

"so why don't we haul all this shit wood to the dump."
"why would we do that?"
"what, why would we keep it? its shit and taking up space..."
"don't you have some work to do?"
"sure, if you get the guys to get out of my way with their rusty metal painting scheme they got going on over there."
"they aren't painting rusty metal, i told them to clean it off."
"so did i but they are just painting over it."
"no they are not. i told them."
"yeah okay...well they are still in my fucking way!"
"get to work."

so i cruise back into the office. call my excavator parts guy. i ordered some parts last month and still don't have them.

"hey Matt, its Zack. still waiting on those parts."
"yeah we billed you for them. i think you already paid."
"i know we paid, i still don't have my parts though."
"that's a long time ago man."
"no shit?!? that's why i am calling. where are my parts. we paid you money for parts we don't have. its raining and we still don't have the window. i know this cause I'm looking out the window of my office and i can see a blue tarp on our kobelco."
"well, whats up? wheres my parts. have you even shipped them yet."
"I'll call you back, i think i have a tracking number some where."
"so you shipped them already?"
"i don't think so."
"so how would you have a tracking number?"
"I'll call you back."

i go out into the shipping room and go for my red bull in the new freezer. gone.


back to my desk and there is a screaming baby on the floor going for level five. you know the one where he has to take in a long breath that never seems to come, takes like three gasps and when it does its about a two minute long wail of bloody murder...

yeah welcome to my day!


Cecile said...

Hey, your work week sounds like mine. We must work with the same tribe of monkey jackasses. They have mutated and filled the world with stupid people. Oh well, Happy Hump Day!


stupid people everywhere, there must be a union for them...