Tuesday, August 04, 2009

well now...

i fucking hate it when blogs fade to black. you check and check and check and there is never a new post. some good goddamn blogs have faded into the abyss in the short time I've been exposed to this world.
and here i sit at the forefront of that exact scenario. with nary a post in almost a month, never commenting and rarely commenting back, i have become one of the blogs i detest most... i have no excuses. other than the normal, "I'm busy, I'm tired, I'm too lazy...". so what gives eh?
other than planning cheeses 30th birthday, partying for it, a weeks clean up, planning a Mexican road trip, doing the road trip, recovering from the road trip, catching up with all my missed work, marinating an exploding garden(x2) and all my other house work, i have not been doing anything other than stare off into space for minutes at a time before i pass out exhausted for the night...
work is work and life is going along at its usual pace of way too fucking fast. i turn thirty six next month and the weight of "what the fuck have you done?" is bearing down on me more and more... i feel like i have enough toys, although more guns and a new dirt bike or two are on the horizon... I'd like a newer boat and a bigger garden but who can be too choosy with these things...
not much of a post or update, but I'm zonked and needing to get to Salinas for parts... thanks all for your continued comments and for checking in!!!


Kimberly said...

What is wrong with you? Snap outta the funk and get back in the game. The world needs your evil thoughts and misdeeds.

Leni Qinan said...

Hey, give yourself a break, Z! Sometimes our brain needs to stop for a while. Blogging is sometimes exhausting, so I'm not surprised that you're tired or bored.

I'm in south France right now, heading to Belgium, Holland and Germany for a few weeks. I'm not writing for a while, but i left some scheduled stories so that my poor brain cells can charge the batteries -it's been an exhausting winter-. It's summer, enjoy!

Have a hell of your 36th anniversary and celebrate Cheese's too. I'll have my own one on 9/11 too, lol.


thanx ladies, i do need a recharge... i'll be back it top shape asap!!!

Megan said...

It's tough to get back into "blogging" mode. You'll get there though, if you want!

Leah said...

It's true, I've missed you Zack--but you shouldn't worry about not being here in the ether, you'll be back when you can!

I feel you on the birthday blues thing--I'm 39 this year, and against all sense and reason it's suddenly starting to freak me out!

MJ said...

Nothing a good enema can't fix.

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