Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I live my life

My pit bull is slowly wasting away, he is fifteenish, sixteen? I can tell you he is three girlfriends old. That's how I used to measure time, but now my memory like my life Is fading. Beau, my dog is suffering from more than effects of old age. He's got more stitch marks in him than frankenstien, he's had heart worms since he was threeish. Now he suffers from anemia because of that. His kidney failure is also awesome! I love mopping up pee every day when I get home from work! I'm doing well by him by watching his diet and trying to get him to eat everyday day. As soon as I find something he likes to eat he changes his mind and goes on hunger strike. Days without eating, moping about... Charlie, my other half dog, yellow lab, takes advantage of these weekly protests and eats the high fat, quality protein, no salt, salmon oil laced dog food I try and provide. I have no issues with this, other than he is gaining weight. He's 107 lbs at his last vet appointment. Good boy!
All this said, I fucking love this Dog and I bet he lives a long time. Stoked except sometimes I feel like I live in a goddamn kennel.

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kylie said...

sorry about your dog, Z.
early this year my 15 year old dog didnt want to walk anymore so he laid around the house and seemed happy enough then i could hear his lungs bubbling and i called the vet the same day. he tried so hard for us and i couldnt ask it anymore.

i still come home and expect to see him waiting.

it sucks to watch and i wish you well