Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Otra dia menos

One thing is for sure I don't know if blogging from a cell phone feels the same. I don't have a computer at home that works.
When I started "the voices" it was just me in the nothingness of the blogosphere. No comments, no followers, no links, just me hating myself, near suicide, just venting. This blog and the people I've met through it brought me to a realization that not only wasn't i the only person escaping into the abyss of confessions into the unknown but that my words and thoughts could be appreciated by people from all walks of life.
This blog had a big part in turning my voices into something fun and positive. I found myself being creative and enjoying comments. I soon enough craved them, I blogged for the sake of comments, I checked for them compulsively.
I rarely checked for spelling or punctuation and capitalized everything and swore profusely. I've been a part of peoples lives who have made impacts on me and hopefully I've done the same... But I've lost something through it all. The grit, the angst... the meaning?
I really did enjoy writing, I'm fucking good at it, better than some and don't care if anyone disagrees. i think this year I'll buy another lap top for myself for Christmas. Selfish.
Y'all can stop reading there. I'm going back to the old school blogging from now here on.

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just bob said...

Cool dude.