Friday, January 12, 2007


Drove up to my house to meet with my landlord this morning and it had snowed!!! Sweet!!! I love snow in coastal California, how cool is that?!?!? It was like a fall day on the east coast! You know, cold as hell but that nice dry cold... Not the dank wet freezing cold that California normally has... The water got straight frozen out of it... I hope some of it stays on the ground until tonight... The girls are coming over and it would be fun to see them enjoy it!

Other news... Was at the bar last night, had a twelve year old scotch, courtesy of the bartender... A bud, and then the other bar tender came in and made us a new version of a kamikaze... Grapefruit flavored vodka in stead of regular... Now I know you cant make a kamikaze any better that it already is, but this was interesting enough for me to order another one some day... Then went to tiddleywinks house and promptly passed the fuck out...(okay there was a shower inbetween, I was filthy from work.) but in about five seconds I was out...

New tires on my truck... So huge! Not really, but they are bigger and now i at least i have some traction for the muddy road to my house!! Those ate up my tattoo money for this month but its still coming... Alright I have to get to work... Be back soon!!!

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