Monday, September 24, 2007


this was me all damn weekend... oh my belly hurts.

yeah, its me. the bitchy portion of all these voices... i ache. my whole damn body aches. I'm not hung over, or too tired or any of that other shit i normally bitch about, just achy. no matter how much i stretch or rub, all my muscles, joints and bones hurt. i think I'm getting sick. not one of those stomach blow-outs. or one of the head pounder snot fests, but the knock me down for a couple of days and feel like toilet crust for a couple of weeks afterwards.. poor me.

we busted ass this weekend:finished the wood shed, built the remaining steps, built the ramp and covered it with bark mulch. planted fifty dollars worth of bulbs, planted the grapes, installed the fence posts for the grapes and fertilized. transplanted all the remaining mint into pots. finished roofing the chicken coop and cut bigger doors in the hen house, finished wiring up the pen. cleaned out the storage shed and organised it. maintained a fire in the house since Thursday. swept off all the roofs, including the wood shed. hiked up the hill. hacked a new trail up to the back side of the chicken coop and removed more brush,(well dragged it down into the driveway for me to chip it up later.). did four loads of laundry and two loads of dishes, split my finger open with the drill and smacked my hand with the hammer so hard it popped open and let my blood run freely. staked up the honey suckle and staked the jasmine as well. cleaned the shop. loaded a truck load of garbage and building debris into the Toyota. taught a four year old girl how to play Yahtzee and she then proceeded to kick our asses twice!

all this and more! at least we got to have a few shots of Yeager in with all that and put down some beer. made some good food and marinated a wild boar steak for this evening! yum.

I've got a buddy who likes to kill shit and eat it, he's good at it too. he went hunting with a buddy last week and came out with a huge wild pig. next day came into my work wondering if i wanted any meat.

"dude, want some wild boar?"

"uhh, fuck yeah! what do you want for it?"

"c'mon I'll cut you a slab."

we head out of my office and over to his dodge pick up. he flips over this classic blue tarp and pulls on a string wrapped around a canvas sack, out flops the cleaned out side of a huge fucking pig.

"what do you want?"

"i dunno, give me something recognizable. gimme a shit load of it too. i wanna freeze some."

he whips out his folding pocket knife and gives me a nice back strap of meat and cuts me another five or six pounds from somewhere else... fucking sweet!!! is all i can think of... i bag it up and hes off. come to think of it, hmmm... i don't remember there being as much meat as he gave me when i opened it last night. i stored it in the fridge at work on Friday, i bet some one got into it... fuckers...

well kids, I've got to go over to Salinas for parts. we have a water tender that we bought from the fire brigade and one of the boys here ripped off the mirror, housing and all. the parts people say the chassis numbers i gave don't match the truck I'm looking for parts on, so i have to bring the mangled assembly to them and say "gimme another one of these!" enjoy the week!


Black Egg said...

Christ, sounds like you really kicked some ass around the homestead this weekend - good for you! Bulbs - need to collaborate w/ the landlord on that one over here, because I want lots of daffs and tulips next year! Wild boar... interesting.

Get some rest and feel better - sip some scotch and water and find a hot tub somewhere...


hot tub sounds like a great idea, our summer pool is going to be turned into a hot tub occasionaly this winter. i cant decide if im going to build a copper tubing style heater for it or make a snokel box to have a small fire in it instead... hmm, and yeah thanks we did kick some ass this weekend. last night i ran the cable for the grape fence we put up. picked two more grape plants for a total of four and will plant those this evening if we dont go out to eat. anyway thanks for the comment and good luck with your landlord and getting some bulbs in on your place!

Kay said...

A hot tub? I'm fucking there.
Maybe the reason you're all wore down is because you did so much shit over the weekend. Who do you think you are? Superman or some shit?
So what's wild boar meat taste like?
Get better bro, cuz being sick fucking blows.

And to throw a little Cher at you, "How's your bumhole doing?"


i know it! but this weekend id here and you should see the list of shit we have to do!!!
have you ever had wild game meat? its got a differnent flavor... but its damn good. its an aquired taste... remeber your first beer? i mean your very first beer... tasted like shit i bet... but after years of drinking the stuff now your body "needs" it! same as wild meat. we are getting some deer meat next week from a guy here at work.
oh and the bumhole? you really dont want to know what happens down there, i dont even think i want to know whats happening down there.... hope you are well!