Friday, September 14, 2007


people are looking for me... i haven't done any scab work for anyone in a long time... (work after work.) one of my older friends just bought a used dozer. he has been trying to track me down for a few days now. starts with the polite calls to my cell phone, then to the "you really need to be calling me back!" calls and the the "hey, i finally got a hold of you at work." phone call. so, he has massaged his way into my busy weekend (sit around at home and drink beer) schedule. he is going to buy me some drinks at fernwood to go over the details. sounds nice. i need to get a hold of cheese and may be he will buy her some drinks as well.

we don't have the girls this weekend so we have some adult time. it never fails though, when we go out after work, and stay for "just one beer", we inevitably end up cleaning up dog shit when we get home after dark.

so i know i post too many links, but Knudsen's got a funny spin on this one... i had just been listening to this news on NPR this week and i thought it sounded like a good idea. i guess other people thought not. but Knudsen came up with some funny photos of what he thought it might look like here. might not be work friendly for those of you slacking off. and for you sickos out there try not to be turned on, that would be ba-aa-aa-aa-dd!! for those of you with the queasy stomachs, don't look. but if you were the easily offendable you wouldn't be reading here anyway! right?

i recently picked up a new reader from, where the hell are you from, Chisinau Moldova? anyway... welcome to the voices...

somehow my small time still operation has picked up a following as well. even though i talk about it here quite openly, i generally don't say much about when and how much i make in town here. i have some friends that are "in the know" and maybe that's how things started spreading around but i heard this today.

"hey man, i heard you just ran another batch, whats it take to get some?" dude #1.

"oh right, i heard you were doing that last weekend, yeah me too, id like to get some."dude#2.

"yeah no problem, uh no..." i said as i was trying to leave the parking lot. "it didn't work out but maybe next time. you'll have to barter for it."

funny, small town shit. if i could get enough into production i could start selling t-shirts for it. see here's my get rich quick thought. give a small amount away to friends, who just happen to be seen drinking this shit at partys and such, with a special label on it or something and then print some shirts out with that label on it... blam... it would be way more cool than actually having to sell the liquor, (which is illegal, really illegal!) and make tons of money selling bullshit t-shirts... sounds fool proof about 198.6. aaahhhahahahahahahha.. (crazy laugh..of a mad man of course, not me...)

well that all the time i have for today, I'll leave you all with a little song.. who are the people in your neighborhood? in your neighborhood, in your ne-ei-borho-od... who are the people in your neighborhood? they're the people that you meet, when your walking down the street, they're the peo-ple that you meet each daaaaaaayyyyy!!!

(see if that doesn't stick in your head for a while...)


Sushi the Mermaid said...

What a businessman!

Anonymous said...

nst nst nst nst, nst nst, *duff* *duff*

i can hear it now...

man those pics are hilarious


when i get them for sale i'll get you for free! it will only cost you twenty dollars! wow! what a deal, i love free shit that only costs twenty dollars!!!

you like the cyanide and happiness cartoons do ya? so do i! and just for you i'll put another one in this week sometime!

thanks for your comments!!!