Saturday, February 07, 2009

something new...

so... pretty much sick of the outs... so, what do we have that in?!?!?!
today we ran a new phone cable from underneath the house to the back of our bedroom and through the wall... wired it up and plugged in our new wireless router... yup, we've gone wireless!!!
yeah, funny that we are miles from the nearest power source, no satellite TV and there isn't a bit of asphalt or pavement in over a thousand feet of elevation... but I'm sitting on the couch with no wires connected to this laptop and I'm blahgging away... soon my home computer with its bizzilabytes of mega-computer brain-attude will be hooked up as well... faster everything... except i wont be sitting on the couch watching t.v..... uh wait how does that work for me again???

I'm working on some serious relaxation at the moment, i might even watch a scary movie in a minute... perhaps cut some trees down tomorrow and shoot some guns!?!?! i dunno, what ever we feel like.

cant relax too much i might slip a gasket... if you catch my drift.

I'm glad cheese was so amicable and had a guest post for us yesterday.. don't let her fool yah, she has a lot to say and has a way the words... Happy to see you all enjoyed her as well.. just don't enjoy her too much!!!

here is the bummer about going total wireless, there is nothing charging the four hundred dollar battery powering this thing.... signing out till Sunday!!!


Cece said...

get well soon

MJ said...

We want Cheese!

We want Cheese!

Gig said...

Hope you are feeling better Zack.

Wireless is awesome!!

Cheese, you did a great job posting in the voices absence, feel free to fill in anytime!!


Megan said...

Well, where's the power cord? The batt'ry on this laptop lasts about 20 minutes, I think. So it hardly ever leaves the house...

I love my router. But I'd get so much more done if we didn't have it.

Cheers to Cheese and glad you are feeling better.