Friday, February 06, 2009

Time for some Cheese

So, The voices are taking the day off and I've been asked to fill in.  So you are all really in for it. Actually the reason I don't have a blog is because I don't really have a lot to say.  I'm a pretty boring person, more introverted than extrovert.  And the whole creative expression thing is something that I find fairly elusive in terms of the written word.  I used to write a lot but I found quite early on (around 18) that my writing voice really annoyed the snot out of me.  It sort of ruined the whole thing for me.  I don't want to read what I write because suddenly the tone is different than when I first put it on paper, and instead of sounding like someone I relate to, I sound like an asshole.

Kind of like now.   
I guess I could try the whole stream of consciousness on you but something tells me that would be pretty hideous too.

So anywhoo, what were we talking about?

So more about me I guess.  We have already established that I don't like to write.  
Let's do some history.  I've got the two petite cheeses as you know and was technically a teen mom.  By the way I think that being a teen mom is really not as bad as people say it is (granted I wasn't 14 and knocked up by my uncle, that might have been somewhat less copacetic). Actually I have no idea where I'd be if I didn't have my girls, and I'm not implying I would be worse off, but I wouldn't be here and here is actually pretty nice.  I like it here actually, quite a lot.  I actually just realized that I say actually a lot.  Funny.

So, I've putzed (vulgar slang for a penis, I did not know that, also means engaged in a worthless activity) around here for most of my life,  worked in nearly every establishment within a 40 mile span of highway and realized quite early that hospitality is not an industry that I have any interest in pursuing for the rest of my life.  But it does pay the bills for now.  So I went to school at the JC to pursue a degree in... music and then it was art (I am not a natural Mozart, Verdi, Callas, DaVinci or even a very good Hockney).  I decided that while I could someday become a mediocre artist and probably eventually make some money at it, it would require more effort than I was really capable of on a daily basis and would not be a suitable occupation. So now I'm going to school to be a nurse.  It is worth noting that I don't look when they stick the needle in my arm to donate blood and I'm not particularly good at dealing with a crisis (imagine hysterical uncontrollable laughter,  perhaps not the best way to react to an emergency situation).  I'm thinking they must have some sort of conditioning to prepare you for all that stuff.     

I'm actually hoping that I can somehow just get paid to go to school for the rest of my life.

Maybe I'll be a college teacher.

So that brings us to today.  The girls are playing with legos (the greatest toy ever invented) and I just realized it's 10:30 (but what the heck tomorrow is Saturday right!?) The voices are passing out on the couch ( I think he's a little sick) and I think I'm done with this guest post.  
I hope you all enjoyed this installment of the voices and if not, well, the Mack will be back when he's feeling better.

Till then,  



kylie said...


Megan said...

Cheezy for sheezy! You go, girl! I mean woman!

(Oh lordy you should see the number of legos we have here. Best. Thing. Ever.)

Leah said...

Hi Cheese! It's great to meet you, and get to hear a bit more about you, in your own voice (which, by the way, is really quite a good voice, never doubt it!)

And yes, Legos are pretty the greatest invention (besides penicillin maybe, although technically that's more of a discover...). We all play with them here at our house.

Alice said...

Nice to meet you!

MJ said...

I like to imagine that you've got Zack doing the housework and minding the Cheesettes as you relax, blogging, with a cocktail in hand.

Leah said...

And wow, did I have a lot of typos in my comment. But you get the gist of it...

Brandy Rose said...

Actually, you're awesome Cheese! :D

cher said...

wow does the air smell better and seem less thick to anyone else? ;)

ACTUALLY, I'm kidding, but you probably know that.

You guys strike me as an amazing couple with a strong foundation built on respect and trust. It was nice to hear from you and i hope voices feels better. I'm also on the couch with the flu and one out of my two boys has been puking bile all morning. it's been pretty much awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wowsers Cher! Your house sounds awesome right now! I love barfing and cleaning up other peoples barf is even better. Sorry mama, I can empathize, but I'm so glad i'm not there right now.
MJ: once a week the voices gets a wild hair up his ass and decides to do a whirlwind clean up. I generally have to help because otherwise he starts to get all saucy and resentful. The rest of the week we both sort of lie around and pretend we don't see the mess. But you've got a nice image in your head so don't let me ruin it for you.
To everyone else: and please don't feel slighted if I don't address you all personally, it's nice to meet ALL OF YOU and thank you for the good vibes.

MJ said...

Cher, you bitch. Where's my blogging invite?


you guys, as always, are the fucking bomb!!!

cheese is upstairs helping one of the cheese-its with a nasty tummy ache... as you parental units all know the tummy ache has a myriad of reasons... we are hoping its not of a vomitous nature...

cheese was harassed into commentsie backsies and was very excited to read "her comments"...

today she went to an apple tree grafting seminar held at our local fire dept. there was also a seed swap and garden give away... (i wished i went, it sounded wicked cool!)

i must welcome alice! every one say hello! glad to see youve been following! i'll hopefully checking in more often!!!

happy saturday night all!!

shelaghayan said...

Miss Breeeeze,

I know, on good authority, that there is QUITE a bit of history that you have omitted here! Where shall I begin... The tampon incident, perhaps?

Love you supremo!


Queen Goob said...

Hey don't have to have a lot to say to have a blog - just a camera with batteries that work. Yeah, we love pictures!