Thursday, September 28, 2006


how do you do it??? all the things you want to do and keep them all in order. yes, i know if i wouldnt drink so much i would have more time to do the things i like, or need to be doing... at least remember the stuff im supposed to be doing! there are things im wanting to do that, well i dunno... (more bitching)

let it go man... its not going to happen, the things you want... err... im not used to that, i can usually manifest everything for my self, never have i been stymied so much... i can do anything i want and then some!!! so how do you like me now? i make shit happen for myself, yes i have help from friends, but its me that makes things work out... (yeah asshole build yourself up) but its true... im just pickled right now with no end in sight... party tonight... free music at the bar tomorrow, (do you think ill be drinking there?) haha... saturday is also something im supposed to be remembering...hmmm... what is it... whatever... maybe ill be sober that day? heh.. im sure...

there are other things i want to be doing as well... i wonder what those things were?

the other night i had some topics i wanted to discuss that surprise i have forgotten about... i need a voice recorder... well im wasting your time with this post... same shit, different post. just another collection point here..sorry... ill be back later.. let the brain wake up...

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