Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Flat backin it!

Yep, no lifts here... No mechanic pit, hole in the ground, or anything holding this shit up... Just lay flat on my back and watch everything spill, fall, seep into my eyes... Love it... Cant see shit and I'm usually pretty fucking dirty by the end of the day, but I just needed a break to wash some M.E.K. out. (I'ts very toxic shit, I use it all the time... Cleans grease off instanly! Also the stuff breaks down DNA.) And while the left eye returns to normal I had thought id come in here to write a quick little note.

Tonight I go out for drinks! Yah! And drinks I will have! Many, if all goes well... At several different bars, and with several different bartenders. (would be a little weird if it was the same bartender at every place!) I get to sleep in tomorrow, I told them I'd be too hung over in the morning for me to even bother... So well, wish me luck, I will have beautiful company and wont be driving very far at all... Enjoy your evenings and be safe, its a sober world out there!!!

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Black Egg said...

Old school...very nice.