Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I THINK IM GOING TO GET ANOTHER TATTOO NEXT WEEK! Yeah, I know, how about finishing the three foot tall angel on my back first? Its getting there.. Well no its not but I'm happy where she is now, for now... I don't really know how I want to shade in the lower half of her wings yet so ill wait... But I think in the next couple of weeks ill go in and decide what I want right then and there... As usual I don't really spend too much time on having to know exactly what I want and where I want it be forehand. I have a few ideas, I know about where its going to go and around how much I want to spend...

I have a few shops I've been to, in the search for the right woman to do my angel project and met a couple of other good artists along the way. So ill go and check them out again and see who wants to make some money. I feel need the need to bleed.

Not quite sure how I get these desires, but I don't fight them... One of them was when my grampa died, another from when my mom died. Right shoulder was when I moved to California at sixteen and left shoulder was a timely cover-up for a tat I did myself when I was thirteen... I'm feeling another change in my life right now and feel its time to make it... Some good things are happening and am in a good space.

What do you all think? Yeah... "yer crazy!" or "what, another tattoo?"

Well, ill have you all know, if I wear a t-shit you can only see one of them on my forearm... I have a picture posted somewhere here...(SEPTEMBER 21ST) I'm not a walking poster or circus freak or anything... What ever, I give a flying fuck anyway... Have a great day all and see you on the darkside!!!

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Black Egg said...

I don't think yer crazy... you know when you need it and want it, and I'm sure you'll make the right decision about the subject matter/image. Just make sure you share the results! Inquiring minds want to know!