Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Sorry folks but I've been busy.. Yah yah, who isn't? I know I've let some people down by not being here as often as I could! Work has been nuggin futs, when I'm at home the last thing I feel like doing is sitting in front of a computer these days... I've had wonderful company and she make me forget that the world is around us... I look at my watch and blip its the next day and I'm late to work! Holidays are coming and time seems short for everyone!! So sorry to all and hopefully I can post something today of substance..

I had a great conversation with friends last night! More on that later!

It seems I need to reserve my seat at the fucking bar I normally live at now a days. There seems to be some sort of conflict as to when I'm "allowed" to be there. I'm trying to be nice about things and give people the space they need but I'm getting pretty sick of all this high school bullshit!

IF YOU ARE FUCKING MY EX, I THINK THAT IS GREAT! I DONT CARE. She needs some attention and someone to treat her nice. Be respectful and be a man. Show her love and shower her with affection. If your not, you should be. She has the capability to be a very nice woman. I don't mind, care, oppose, object or anything. She deserves someone who desires her.

Do not make me unwanted in the bar. Do not make her situation with me your situation, because I don't care! Thank you. If you are trying to hide something, don't. It will make you both feel like shit! I know, be honest and don't worry about the drama. Life is too short! That's all I have to say about that.

In other news! I think I screwed up my nice washing machine.(what the fuck is this guy typing you ask?) but the power in my solar system was kind of janky the other night and the generator was running like shit, and the washer now just fills up with water counts down the minutes and drains the water at the end... hmmm. Hopefully it fixes it self by the time I get home today!

The fucking crane I'm working on today is not being very helpful. I just put a $536.58 alternator on it and it is not charging! I called my parts guy at Cal crane and he is trying to figure it out.. Will be returning my calls shortly!

Anyway... I sat at my bar last night and put back a few cold ones... (they freeze the glasses and boast the coldest beer in town!) sat with D, Tim, lace and Ltrain! "nice to be back" was how I was feeling! I was trying to convince D that she needed to get some action. If she is not finding what she wants here she might find it else where! (lace needs some too. What's with the lame boys around here who don't see the hot chics? Weird I live in a town full of men who have forgotten how to treat women!!!)

But the conversations were light and fun, it was great to catch up with everyone! Ltrain is happy for me and likes to see me in such a good mood recently... He is also in the "I'm so fucking happy I don't know what to do with my self" stage of life. Normally we sit around and groan and bitch and smoke and smoke and smoke and drink, etc... You get the idea! He just got a five dollar raise which he deserved months ago, but its still nice when that happens!

From there I went over to the roadhouse where the lovely ladyfriend of mine works... They were just closing up and I managed to get in a quick order...

"Can I get the burger and fries"

"Ahh yes, well no.sorry man we are out of buns, but ill give you a steak for the same price.."

"No worries man, give me the burger with no bun, and a beer and ill be happy with the company" I said.

Somehow nothing seems to matter when I'm around her. We eat and share a few bites of her dinner and head out the next stop. Roll in to ferndog and order up a couple of gin and tonics... The bartender there seems to know exactly what we need and doubles them for us. Friends come in and join us and we go out for a smoke...

Now here is something funny. There are some crank heads out back. Smoking... They talk at us a million miles an hour and I make a few comments about how they should stop doing drugs! At first they were taken aback, but I said it to them in such a non confrontational way that it was like they were cool doing it...(I dunno what that means but it works..) they left.

Just as I hear, "I cant see" we order another round and fill the juke box up with change and dance for a while... I love it... Close to an empty bar with people watching Harry potter on the wide screen and here we go and ask the tender if she can turn it up!

Lets see, in other news.... I almost have all the parts to put a complete, new steering system on my truck! Hopefully to be finished soon! Okay, ill post later... This is really making no sense...

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