Wednesday, November 05, 2008

im not gonna make any friends with this one either...

first off I'm quite happy for everyone who was a part of history and change... if you believe something long enough it becomes true... here is a list of things i believe in and don't believe in. some of which if implemented into our society would bring on some positive changes... some of them are not reality and therefor could never come true, unless you believe.

i don't believe in a two party system.
i cant believe people registered as independents voted republican or democrat, why would you do that?.
i believe in peoples own choice and freedoms, not what is allowed by government.
i believe all people are created equal, its what they do with their lives that makes them great or a piece of shit. that's what makes us different. if you make yourself a good person, you are a good person and so on...
i believe that systems like welfare and government monies for poor are flawed.
i believe if you are getting money from the government that they should take away your cable/satellite television. go out and get a job, better yourself and be a part of the answer not the problem.
i believe that people deserve a chance to better themselves and their situation and sitting at home is not that path. starting everyday out with the simplest of things gets you on your way. read a newspaper, go out in your towns, talk to people, volunteer your time, learn some new skills while the tax payer is giving your money and food and health care, etc..
i believe that unemployed people need to spend every waking hour looking for a job, asides from eating and shitting. maybe have some time for fucking. but employment and taxes make this country work. not Oprah and monster garage..
i think rich people should pay more.
i think poor people deserve a way to get some training to better their circumstances.
i think an eight hour day is a poor excuse for saying that you work hard. (for most jobs) look at china, japan, Switzerland, Germany, south Africa... many a nation work up to sixty hours in a week to live the lives they desire. other countries work less to have what they desire. its all up to the individual situation... so saying you work forty hour weeks and you deserve something better than someone else doesn't fly in my book.
i believe if you aren't happy with what you have than you need to go out and get what it is you need to be happy, motivate, inspire, dream, work smarter not harder.
i believe everybody has it within themselves to pull themselves up with their bootstraps and become better people.
i believe in the death penalty.
i don't believe our current prison system is a great enough threat to quell the violence in this country
i think any crime gang related should have stiffer penalties across the board. perhaps start by cutting off a hand, then a foot, perhaps cutting off someones tongue may stop them from talking so much shit.
i think if you find something that does not obviously belong to someone else you should be able to keep it.
i think property prices in the state of California are inflated.
i believe that the state of California is the fifth largest economy in the world. we should succeed.
i don't believe this current president will change very much in the next four years other than give people the hope for change that he was talking about.
i believe at there will be several assassination attempts. i don't not want that. but i do believe it will happen.
i believe most Americans are fooling themselves about their liberties and freedoms.
i believe they should teach the constitution in elementary school through high school. not just touch on it.
i believe we are breeding increasingly more and more lazy and ignorant people. not only in this country but on this planet. part of that is due to overpopulation.
i believe a global economy will work.
i believe that shortly the united states of America will unknowingly start the next world war.
i believe we will lose.
i do not believe in god or the bible, i cant. if he does exist my mother burns in hell for eternity and i cant have that.
i believe in less government.
i believe in socialized health care, i think we should be able to get a second opinion.
i believe in the barter system.
i believe that people vote passionately and not necessarily know exactly what they are voting on. this is how i think that prop eight passed. people didn't quite read the prop and what they were voting on. i think they should vote that one again.
i believe in good and evil.
i don't believe that drug use and possession of drugs should be illegal for adults. if you want to fuck up your own life be my guest. this of course does not apply to children and operating a car or machinery. i think that the under the influence laws should apply.
i believe that at some point we will have to grant illegal immigrants some sort of citizenship. make them pay taxes and give them some sort of health care and schooling that they pay for.
i believe we should tax monies and wire transfers to other countries to start paying for this.
i believe no one should be able to tell you if you can get married or not. forty years ago it was illegal to marry a person of another color. now its against the law for gay folks to get married. WTF?
i don't believe in our voting process, i believe a popular voting system better represents our countries needs.
i believe i was born two hundred years to early or two late.
i don't believe in equal rights for everyone. some people (criminals, pedophiles, rapists, etc.) don't deserve those rights. they betrayed them and the rest of the people who fight for them.
i don't believe in fighting other peoples wars. how many Iraqis are going to come to our rescue when Venezuela invades? (hypothetically speaking, i don't necessarily believe Venezuela will invade. but who knows?)
i don't believe I'm the smartest person i know, but I'm smarter than some.
i believe in a zero unemployment America. people used to walk across this country on foot to find food, water, jobs, a better life... its possible even for the poorest, hungriest least educated people to move and find a place to live according to their means. we are a wealthy country.

i believe in a lot of things. i don't know how to achieve them all or how to put them into effect. but i know that anything is possible if you believe.... oh and i didn't vote. remember i don't believe in this government, so voting for the "lesser of two weevils" is not going to work for me... do i care if things change? not really. no matter what happens in this country for the next four years i will survive. i always have. our government will do as it pleases and enact laws to make that happen, regardless of what the people think they have just voted for.

i also don't take myself too seriously with the things i think i believe in. what i truly believe in is much simpler. i believe i am the only one who can make myself happy and that no one is going to do that for for me. i know I'm not perfect and sometimes need help. I'm not here to change the world and the way people think either. i make and change my own history, I'm a leader not a follower, so getting on any band wagon and believing I've done something for the greater good doesn't happen in my life. i affect people around me and in my community by being a positive force. so yeah, love it or leave it.


Megan said...

Wow. The IV Manifesto has a lot goin' on!


megan, hahahahaaaha... it does seem to be a bit busy, but at the end i did put in a bit of a disclaimer, that i don't take myself or any of that too seriously! happy Wednesday!

Leah said...


I actually agree with 99.9% of this, and I read it carefully. I hate the bandwagon, and there was an unbelievable amount of bandwagoning in this election. And I hate the weird scapegoating thing we've got going on recently--no one politician, not even the much maligned W, is responsible for all social ills, wars, child abuse, I mean come ON.

The best part is that you don't take yourself too seriously. And I think that taking oneself too seriously has become a real problem, at least in my milieu.

I digress. Anyway, Zack, I must say that you did not disappoint with this post!

denim said...

nice rant, good points, well said.

"i cant believe people registered as independents voted republican or democrat, why would you do that?."

love this line. i think it falls along the whole we have free will thing (which is a whole other topic). "i think independently so i'm gonna check this box! i think i'll choose puppet number 2..." they don't even list EVERYONE who runs for president on the ballot anyway. and how much "independent" discoveries have you made about your "independent" presidential candidate? ugh...

so sad that california is so ignorant. did we vote red too? fuck.

here's a very good view on voting by the late great George Carlin. RIP.


leah thanks for the kudos. and yes to know where ones stands is one thing to to know where you stand because of the group one is with is another... thanks again!

denim, indeed tragic how California has voted on some issues.. thanks for reading and the comment bro!

Leni said...

WOW! That's what I call being honest!

You sound extremely logical and most of your statements are filled with common sense, which is the less common of all senses.

I agree with most of the things you say -not all, though-, and you have posted some good ideas among them too.

I presume you would be happier if instead of a 2-party system you had proportional representation, which sounds more fair, but is not perfect either-.

But the best part of this post is the end: positive, confident and so honest. ;)

Leni Qinan said...

Sorry, it was me (*points at the comment above*) but without my pic.

Just signed up with a different blogger account that doesnt have it(grrrr...).

So hey, it was me. :)


leni "common sense, which is the less common of all senses." i love that statement right there and it couldnt possibly be better said.thanks for reading and the thoughtful comment!!


no worries leni, i figured it was you! not to many folks around here have that name!

Kookaburra said...

Such an honest Post! Spoken like a true liberal. Zack, I agree with most of what you said. People on Unemployment Benefits should spend the money on the necessities and NOT THE LUXURIES. I have seen that sort of thing here too. One year a friend was delivering food hampers to the 'needy' and was taken aback by all the 4WD's and the plasma tv's. They seemed to be doing quite nicely, thank you very much.

Your reference to voting: The same thing happens here under our compulsory voting system. Most people simply have no idea and vote for the party their parents voted for or follow the Party line. Me, i attend the poll and get my name crossed off the list so that i won't be fined, but that's about as far as it goes.

I think you dug yourself a bit of a hole with your view on legalising drugs. Drugs screwed up my brother's life, so i will have to disagree with you.

As for working long hours that is happening more and more over here, even in the Public Service.

Thanks for making me THINK and have a good week.



kook! i tried to post over on your blog the last couple of days and it wouldn't let me!?!? thanks for the kudos and yeah im not quite sure how i feel exactly about it... but there are a lot of people in jail for possession of marijuana that needn't be. as well as recreational drugs like cocaine and extacy and the like... i wouldn't know how to regulate it but perhaps a quantity limit or personal use law... trafficking wouldn't be legal or importation, distribution, etc... but possession of personal use drugs by legal adults?!?!? drinking is legal and up to a certain blood level is acceptable so what gives?

i too know many a folk who have screwed themselves up on drugs and a very close friend accidentally killed himself with legal pain medication. after drinking for several hours he took a couple extra pain meds for his abscessed tooth and fell asleep sitting upright in a chair. he doubled over with out falling out of the chair and after half an hour or so successfully managed to cut off the blood flow to his legs, overexerting his heart and giving a twenty eight year old a heart attack.

so i feel yah, sorry to hear about your brother but it was indeed his choice, at least in the beginning eh?

Kookaburra said...

Hey Zack,

I hear yah, bro, how awful that you friend passed away under such circumstances.

Thanks for alerting me that you couldn't comment on my blog. I think ifixed it. Try again when you feel inclined.

That Guy said...

Well put man...damn. Sorry I missed that beer last night. (Or am I glad???)

*IV & that guy get 86ed from RI for brawling...

...doubt it!


kook! no worries man....

that guy, "you wanna piece of me... punk..."

stonelifter said...

word mofo

Methinks alot of people are gonna be dissapointed when the new Messiah has to work within the political constraints of his party and reality.

I was really appalled at the band wagon riding on this one, my goodness.

Queen Goob said...

I dropped outta band my senior year of high school so I wasn't on the wagon....

Many of the things you believe in I do as well but I think one that stands out in big, bold letters is "i don't believe in equal rights for everyone". I'm with you, and I think this goes for not only criminals but slackers, too.

I H.A.T.E. going the political and "what I believe in" route because inevitably, I will piss someone off. So instead of listening to people tell me I'm wrong (because I'm not wrong, I just have different morals, values, and beliefs) I stay out of the center ring of that three ring circus and educate myself the best I can.

Wow...this WAS a serious rant, wasn't it?

BEAST said...

Sounds good to me . Why would it upset anyone ?

Candy~ said...

Hi, I'm glad I stopped in. Some of this (minus the California part) looks like it came right out of my head onto screen. I think I said part of this speech to my husband and many friends these past few weeks.
Thank you,

FirstNations said...

the only point i think you're off base with is the global economy one; and thats simply because in my experience things work best with a diversity of small, alternative local economies in flux, adjusting and adapting to local market realities. a little barter, a little profiteering, a little communist-collectivism, a lot of lassaize-faire (sp). this pretty much describes where I live, in fact.

You got it nailed down, Z. I got no problem with any of it. the only thing I'm pissed off about is THAT PEOPLE KEEP PASSING AROUND THIS STUPID RUMOR THAT I HAVE A GODDAMN TOILET PLANTER IN MY YARD.

Dijea said...

I really loved this and you are so right on so many things. Politicians will never vote for what we want, only for what they can gain from that vote. I can't argue with a single thing you said, especially the cable tv thing.

I'd vote for you!


stone, we will see now wont we, funny how in the states we never hear twiddely shit about the real elections in canada! thanks for commenting!

goob, my life's work has seemingly been pissing people off. some folks find it impossible to deal with me. its not cause i think im right, its just that i don't have a filter between my brain and my mouth. i say what i think and that's the way i am... glad we do in fact agree on some things as well!

beast, *high fives beast and passes him a warm beer*

candy, welcome to the voices! c'mon back any time. personally i tried to stay out of the political mayhem with my friends and family. cheese (my wonderful lady) and i don't share the same political horizons. and its cool that way, ive tried to stay out of the commenting arenas where politics has been involved with their posts... but this post was inspired by weeks upon weeks of being blasted with rhetoric and banter of our "great two party system". glad that it was mostly agreeable and worth your time, thanks for commenting and do come back!!

firsty, i was going on the ideology of a cataclysmic event. ww3 or some sort of "i am legend" thing. the planet needs for us to wipe our selves out to near extinction for it to sustain us for a while longer, once we have decimated our populations we can concentrate on a global economy or barter system... sorry about the toilet rumor propagation, i never knew how to properly spell bidet before. and a bidet planter doesn't hold that visual imagery that a toilet planter does...

dijea, thanks for the vote of confidence!! yeah im a staunch anti-TV person. although plop me in front of one and hand me the remote and i will find something to watch for the next twenty seven hours straight... but the average person watchs about six hours of TV a day too much... thanks for commenting!!!!

catscratch said...

For Christ sake, why would you care if you piss anybody off???

It's time for change. Change is coming. Yes it is.

Obama has great plans for this here nation and will hopefully start us back in the right direction. Yes he will.

Not that all changes will make perfection over night, but direction is a good thing.
Yes it is.

Daisy said...

i was actually surprised to find that we hold many of the same beliefs...i don't know why but i was...i really liked the cutting out of the tongue thing...can we vote on that?

btw i did vote...only because i wanted to cast my vote for others running where my vote actually did count...i am not so naive to believe my vote for president has ever counted...


scratch, its not that i care that i piss people off, its just that im aware of it!!

daisy, well after writing this and putting it out there for all to see and share, i do feel better that im not totally alone in the "not getting on the band wagon" style of thinking!!!

thanks to you both for the new comments!!!

Walker said...

I agree with alot of it and what I don't is because the government is to blame for it and their laziness for not getting on the ball but the truth is most governments are either corrupt or held hostage by big business.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm the odd man out because if you believe what you wrote, then you're an idiot and so are the rest of the hoo-yahs egging you on. But, God bless America and everyone who comprises her.


anon! so easy to point a finger at some one else and call them an idiot when you travel under the cloak of anonymity! and if you would have been reading a little closer, god doesn't bless the America i live in.

*points middle finger skyward in anons direction*

but thanks for the comment!


walker! excellent point!