Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm a little tied up at work today, so you'll have to get along with just this awesome picture and a funny joke! happy Monday all!!!

A little old lady is walking down the street dragging two large plastic garbage bags behind her. One of the bags rips, and every once in a while a $20 bill falls out onto the sidewalk. Noticing this, a policeman stops her, and says, 'Ma'am, there are $20 bills falling out of your bag.'
'Oh, really? Darn!' says the little old lady. 'I'd better go back, and see if I can find them. Thanks for telling me..'
'Well, now, not so fast,' says the cop. 'How did you get all that money?' 'You didn't steal it, did you?'
'Oh, no', says the little old lady. 'You see, my back yard is right next to the football stadium parking lot. On game days, a lot of fans come and pee through the fence into my flower garden. So, I stand behind the fence with my hedge clippers. Each time some guy sticks his weenie through the fence, I say, '$20 or off it comes.'
'Well, that seems only fair.' laughs the cop. OK? Good luck! Oh, by the way, what's in the other bag?'

'Well, you know', says the little old lady, 'not everybody pays.'


tasha said...

what a smart lady. nice pic to. the one of you i mean. you look cute. miss you

kylie said...

i noticed futurama right away
(yeah right)

Leni Qinan said...

Happy Tuesday afternoon already over here! Nice photo -I need to practice that, lol-. There's somebody over here who will go bonkers if I do that.

(*quickly rummages through her stuff, looking for a string*)

MJ said...

I'll give you a twenty to shave off your eyebrows.

Megan said...

I can't think of anything to say.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, nothing like a good penis removal joke to end the day on a high note!

Random Chick said...

Futurama Rocks! Where you been?