Thursday, February 15, 2007


I only have a minute. Perhaps I'll write some this evening... I must be in a great mood. I have been giving people shit all day.

Valentines day was great, sorry all, I subscribed. A nice relaxing evening at home. We made some sushi, girls got to make their own rolls, too fucking full to eat them after making them, but I'm eating leftovers for lunch right now! Still more fresh then the premade crap you buy in a grocery store!

Yes a dozen roses were laying on the bed with a funny little note next to them and some truffles. Not the shit chocolate that comes in a red heart shaped box. But some decent stuff you might actually eat!!

Fire was going and we watched thumbilina, you know the old Disney cartoon movie. They were some sickos back then, if you listen to the words while they sing it comes out pretty sexual. So good for a four year old to sing along to!

My back feels better then it has in weeks and after this morning I feel like a million bucks! Shit got to go!

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Black Egg said...

I'm trying to think of the words to the Thumbelina song, but I can't really remember most of them, only the melody, if I'm thinking of the right one. The truth is that Disney did some pretty f**ked up shit.

I used to babysit for these two very young girls who for a time were obsessed w/ the Britney Spears song with the refrain "I'm not that inn-o-cent!" and would sing it over and over. Jeez.

Glad V-day was sweet for you...