Friday, February 09, 2007

still stressing out.

I'm sure there are a lot of us out here that are stoked its Friday. I sure am, I wish it was quitting time right now. Cold beer, a hot squeeze and then throw my feet up and smile... Less then six hours...

Except for some reason I suffer from terrible day dreams... My mind has an auto pilot area of its own, one of my voices perhaps... I hate it. if I know you, you have probably died in some type of accident a hundred times in my head by now. If I am driving, I silently beg on coming traffic not to hit me, Because I've dreamed it happening so often. Yeah weird, Do i get it checked out? No, I know I'm fucking crazy!

And other shit, i'ts not always about death... but i'ts always about people I know.. My day dreams, they happen while I'm at work, driving, walking and even when I'm talking to someone or engaged in conversation... Even now there is a little spot in the back of my head that's crunching on an awful scenario... I know its not true, I know i'ts not real, but sometimes these dreams get the better of me. Get me moody, distrustful, and scared... Who likes to get on the highway and feel like they have been there before and "know" that something bad is going to happen... Who like to hang out with someone who has watched them die or cheat or kill? Hmmm..

Ever had a de ja vu? I hate them, to me its a premonition of death. A dream come true. I truly could live the rest of my life with out one and not be bothered one bit! Anyway, just had a moment to spit out some brain drain.

Have a wonderful weekend all!! I'll try not to think about you.

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black egg said...

I'm quite prone to having "day-mares" myself, though they usually involve just me meeting some bizarre or ugly fate. When I have deja-vu it is usually incredibly intense but terribly mundane - like I'll be writing a check and then some lady walks by and a kid yells something about wanting a new bicycle or some shit. But it's an absolute time-warp when it happens, not just something seeming familiar. It's very exact.

Anyway, yeah, try not think too much about anyone! Have a great weekend!