Wednesday, February 28, 2007



I don't know you, you don't know me so stop pretending I'm your friend and guess what... I don't want to know you. don't come to my work and ask me questions, don't come here and follow me around trying to glean some free information from me and waste my time. I don't want to help you out, no, I don't want to do you a favor. I don't want or need your shitty indoor pot either, so stop acting like its the best shit in town. I've seen the best shit that the kids are growing this year and it doesn't hold a candle to what I've done in years past. Besides I smoke around once a month now.

When I shine you on don't go into my office and start in on someone else, don't have them come out and try to reintroduce you to me, if you didn't get my subtle hints before, you get it now, when I say, "Who are you? Where do you live? Where did you get my name? Oh him, well as of this minute that guy is on my shit list."
"No as I said before I don't really have any time for you and I don't want your shitty pot as payment, what am I talking about? oh I thought you were trying to bribe me out in the shop with some crappy pot to help you out."
Don't pester me with your stupidity. Why the fuck would I want to know about your bio diesel ideas, I drive a gas truck you fucking idiot and my friends run the bio diesel coop here in big sur. They know more about that shit than you ever will... So suck my ass and you will see what kind of gas I'm interested in.

So as you can figure out, I'm a bit off.. I had this dumb fucker come in and waste my time, my bosses time, the office executives time and generally waste every ones lunch hour on his stoned banter. Get a life bud, this company makes millions of dollars a year, millions. We have some of the most experienced people on the job of any outfit in hundreds of miles, some of the smartest office management and savvy leaders in the state.
Ddid you really think you came up with this original idea all on your own? Then you decided to come in here and pitch us your epiphany in your best Guatemalan pants and Tye dye t-shirt reeking of weed? so why are you put out when i turn my back on you, walk into my office and close the door.
Go home, sober up, take a shower and dress the part. You want our money? Dress like you know what the fuck you are talking about. Perhaps a clean shirt, something other then your "favorite" knitted beany and put on a decent pair of pants you moron...

Other than that things have been flying by and I'll have some more time to get back to that soon...Thanks for sticking in there!!!


Black Egg said...

Fun, fun... work rant! Loved the description of this dude. Sounds like someone whose ears I'd like to box. hehe!

oakland heidi said...

can I tell you I love you. Flowers hunny sunshine, roses, soft plush teddy bears and furry baby ponies....

He he hee....

Can we please f'ing hang out??? Are you free for a drink Saturday?

Anonymous said...

You make the world turn for me. I don't know how to tell you how much I love you. Words seem innadequate(sp?). You make me feel... How do I express what you bring out in me... Don't change, you're perfect. You are all that I want in a friend and companion. All my love is for you.