Tuesday, March 06, 2007


when i was seventeen, i illegally worked graveyard at seven eleven.(you need to be eighteen to sell beer in Cali.)myself and another worker from another sister store won some tickets off the radio to see lynard skynard.(wowee, the show suck ass, they were so fucked up they were singing into the whiskey bottle most of the show. at one point the drummer got up, left stage and came back with something for the other band members to "sniff" or "smell" from his hand.hmmm...)

anyway, on our way to the show we get pulled over for speeding, we were driving a Nissan, 280 z. so there really wasn't anywhere to stash the beer we had been drinking on the way, so here comes the cop, we have beer in our laps and he says. "sooo.. you boys been drinking i see"

"yes sir." we say

"how much?" he asked as he checks our i.d.s

"well we had one on the way to here and we just opened these..." was our general response.

he pours out our beers and puts the rest of the twelve pack on the roof. goes back to his car to do what ever it is they do in there and comes back with our tickets. hands us our tickets and walks back to his car. a moment later he drives off. WTF???

we are sitting there with the rest of the twelve pack on the roof, me with a minor in possession of alcohol in a motor vehicle ticket and him with the same... we were stunned.

"what the fuck are we supposed to do now dude?" i said.

"i dunno, lets get the fuck out of here..."was something i might remember him saying.

i never thought about that shit again. i was a minor right? a punk, why the fuck would i pay for that shit? anyway... i get this letter in the mail from the franchise tax board of debt collection this week. they are garnishing my wages for the next four paychecks. i hit the roof right!?!?!

again,WTF? i call the numbers, after hours on hold and being transferred to several different departments, they say I'm still responsible for the fines AND fees, and finance charges!!! i was sevenfuckingteen! its what, like sixteen years later! about half a life time ago... are you f-ing kidding me!

that's just the beginning of it. Toyota calls me this morning, says i owe them $3.16 on my loan. no i reply get bent. i hang up. i made my final payment a month or so ago. i get online, check my bank and my Toyota account...

those crooks charged my bank account almost seven hundred dollars this month!! I'm livid! i call them and two hours later their regional manager sees that there was a computer error and i actually made my last payment, last month and she doesn't know why that happened. this was after they sent me to their collections department, who tried to tell me that i owed them for even one more payment!!!!!!!! i was screaming into the phone..."you motherfuckers are full of shit and I'm looking at my last statement right here and it says paid in full!!! where the hell is my pink slip!!!"

so i get transferred to the gal from Texas who has a degree in not getting off the phone with angry customers. after she tries to defend the charges for half an hour she "sees a problem with their accounting" notifies me that they indeed screwed up and will be sending me a check, minus the fees for issuing a check and service charge.

"WTF? you steal my money and now you are going to charge me for giving it back?"

"well sir, I'll tell you what I'll do for you... i waive the $3.16 still due on your account."

"you fucking bitch, give me back all of my money!"

i had to hang up, i knew she wouldn't, i knew it was only going to get worse. i would have lowered myself to some other form of slander and that's really not me...

if i was a rich guy, none of these little mistakes they made would bother me. but since i am not, it really does. and since i never carry cash and put everything on my debit/credit card i have eleven charges with over draft fees. at thirty five dollars apiece.

i want to burn my truck, send them a picture of me in front of it with my pants down giving them the bird from between my legs looking back at the camera! Toyota can now officially kiss my ass!!!


black egg said...

Oh man, that totally SUCKS!!! Seriously WTF? Isn't there some sort of statute of limitations or some shit for that? I hope you get it straightened out soon!

tasha said...

hi. wow you are mad. i would be to.

i just wanted to apologise for my last comment. i kind of came off a little like a bitch. so to bree, iam sorry. i was just caught off guard by your message because i was expecting it to be from zack. iam excited to meet you.