Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mismanagement, picture below

tension is high here at work. i feel it. I'm sick of it. it is so thick i bring it home on my clothes and it affects me after work. it stinks.

these "secret management team" meetings can also suck my shlong. problem with my dogs barking in my truck? (which is parked several hundred feet away from your office.) than stop throwing the fucking ball for your dog by my truck! you wont let me have my dogs here and i don't care, first i wouldn't let my dogs run a round everywhere like you do. and next there is acres of forest here, throw your fucking ball somewhere else!

again if you have a problem with me talk to me.

why not talk to the driver who tailgated the cops wife all the way down the coast last week (twenty six miles) with the Jake brakes blasting away and then passed her on a double yellow with twenty eight thousand pounds untarped! yeah she called here, i took the call!

or talked to the job foreman who doesnt listen to you when you tell him how to do things and goes over your job bids by thousands, losing us money everyday. sure its good work, but its not what you bid on and we have to pay overtime to guys we cant charge for!

how about talk to the guy who breaks something on every truck every day he gets behind the wheel!!! I'm sick of "telling on him" when i have to replace parts or straighten bumpers! help this man learn to drive!

perhaps you could talk with your newly promoted laborer who now thinks that he is the job site boss. when you are not there he doesn't do anything, he "bosses" people around and sits in the shade! listen to your employees who are now miserable. your job site is grinding to a halt as more laborers are refusing to work for him.

stop buying shit we don't need!!! stop doing favors for people who will never ever pay us back!!! this is not what made this company great. thanks for the beer at the pub every other Friday. no one goes there but you. the place smells like shit, the food makes you shit and beer is warm as shit. ask your employees what they might like as a pat on the back for a job well done.

we used to have bar-b-ques. beer and sodas every Friday! lake trips, fishing trips, ski trips... WTF? this is a family oriented business. why the fuck do we need an outsourced consultant for. who lives in san jose for fucks sake!?!?! get back to our roots!

and while I'm bitching like a little boy who doesn't like his new Velcro sneakers, when i ask you to talk to a fellow employee i expect you to do it. I'm sick of his attitude and I'm going to tell him in an unhealthy way soon. not good for you and not good for him. you are managers, do your fucking jobs.

start employee reviews, have a weekly evaluation of job performance. problem employee? fire his ass like you did me years ago. do something other than make people feel like crap everyday.

do something besides having your secret meetings and spend some of that money where it counts.

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Black Egg said...

Man, I can totally fucking relate to the politics... yeah, secret meetings - whatta bunch of BS. I worked at a different kind of company, but the issues were similar. Those kind of people don't learn until it's slammed really hard in their face - or wallet. And even then they continue w/ dumbass "solutions" like making 1 person do the work of 3 etc., instead of trimming the big layer of fat at the top. I hope you can get through to somebody there. Dang. Hope your weekend was at least decent...