Monday, March 12, 2007


came down from my house and dropped the girls off. met up at river inn, where we had a few drinks with some friends...
"what do you want to do now?"
"i dunno, lets have an adult day, just relax and have some drinks. perhaps get a bite to eat."
"that sounds wonderful! but you don't have any shoes!"
"i don't think it will matter, people will be looking at you and not my feet!"
i had forgotten my shoes this morning and would be sneaking into upscale bars all after noon without them...oopps.
so we cruise up to nepenthe where a great friend of ours works. we have lots of good friends up there as well, but we were hoping to see one in particular. sat at the bar when another customer bought us some drinks. why? i dunno, he wanted to read the tattoo on my forearm and i told him it was for my mom when she committed suicide. i guess he wanted to buy us drinks after that, whatever. after the three or four beers we had at river inn, we decided to turn it up a notch.
"i think we will have kamikazes! yeah, that's what we want. and a couple of beer backs, thanks."
our bartender broke away from his dreamy eyed stare and made some great drinks. we get to hang out with our friends as well as Burt(the guy who bought our first round.) for a while. we had a couple more kamikazes and talked about where and what we wanted to do next.
"well i don't feel like going home yet. what do you feel like?"
"lets go up to ventana, for a couple drinks and a bite to eat!"
"that sounds great!"
we drive up to ventana, where another one of our good friends is working the bar! what luck! he fixes us up with a couple of "cosmopommians"(its like a Cosmo, but with pomm juice instead.) we order some oysters on the half shell.
out comes a round of soup and some warm bread.(they really take care of us there. and remember I'm not wearing any shoes, sitting in a bar where drinks start at around fifteen bucks!)
eat all our food, and he fixes us up a couple of champagne, vodka, juice martini doubles. i don't know what they were called. but they didn't last long. thanked everyone and received some of someones home baked grammas cookies on our way out. the hostess is this young gal who is very sweet. I've known her since she was like eleven or something. they came from her. anyway....
we leave, our initial plan was to hit up all the fancy bars and see how many i could get into with no shoes, but with the sun heating us up and the oysters working their magic we opted to get a twelve pack and head north. on our way home we dropped down into south forty. (i would post a link with a picture but blogger is sucking my ass right now!)we head down to my old house... (okay fine. picture the view of the coast looking south about twenty miles, you see a light house out on a small mountain of earth barely connected to the land by an even smaller stretch of sand about two miles long... beautiful day. and all of this, we view from about 900 feet straight up a cliff, sitting in uber comfortable outdoor chairs.)its my old house. now partly demolished...
after a few more beers we jump back into the car and head home. at some point we disrobed and drove home naked! how fun is that.... ha ha ha... got up to my house grabbed blanket and went down to the point.
at the end of my property is a vista that looks out to the ocean down fifteen miles of canyon with not a house in sight! we sunbathed and listened to blue grass until sunset. finishing off the twelver. so now her car wont start. ha ha ha... we walk the short walk up to my house and make a few shots of red bull, hand squeezed lemons and vodka. so good. and head down to get the car after dark. (theory was the battery would regain some of its life after being left alone for awhile.)
we jump on my dirt bike which has a flat tire, retrieve the car and decide to go on a drunken in the dark motorcycle ride. its pitch black, shes on the back, holding a dim flashlight for us to see and we go bombing down the mountain, encounter a neighbor on the way down who says.
"you kids are crazy!!!"
hahahahaha... we make it back unscathed and head to bed. we are in bed and asleep by ten p.m. what a great day!


Black Egg said...

Wow, that sounds like an amazing day! Red Bull w/ lemon and vodka sounds great! (Don't ever try w/ orange juice unless you LOVE the taste of St. Joseph's baby aspirin!)


thanx it was a great day!