Tuesday, March 27, 2007

TIRED, COLD AND SICK OF THE RAIN I NORMALLY ENJOY. i dont want to bitch, so i wont. but i did wake up late this morning and the propane regulator was frozen, there was an inch of hail on the ground and some of us needed to shower. there was not enough gas to heat some water for coffee. now come to think of it did i shut the stove burner off? shit.... now im not going to be able to stop thinking about that... i need a little more time off with her, sleep in for a change, less stress... i cant focus, ill be back.


Kay said...

The picture's funny shit, but it sounds like the rest of your mornins was straight shit.
Sorry guy.
You have any way to find out if you did turn off the burner?


I made a quick phone call after posting and in a sweet voice was assured that i wasnt crazy and had most definitly turned it off... that i wouldnt leave the house with out turning everything off in the house... im a freak. i live in a solar house and before i leave i turn off everything!!! except for two night lights in the girls room, everything gets shut down.
well this one time last week. we came home after a twelve hour day and one of my bed side candle was still lit! holy shit! dogs locked in the house and everything! close one. i think we were a little hung over that morning...