Friday, March 16, 2007

planning a sober weekend

YEAH... wanna go on a hike. wanna get some shit done. have been slipping on the quitting smoking. things seem to go well with that and then i just start smoking again. this time it seems to have helped. im down to about half a pack. its hard to tell though. when i am at work. i share smokes with everyone. and when im at home i share them as well.. so my plan is this weekend to give the body a break and heal it some and perhaps do some more positive things to it... oh and lots of sex too!!! hahahahaha...

anyway. yeah wanna go and do some hiking around... watch the sunset from somewhere new this weekend.

im not really in the mood for writing right now. ill be back. im going to go out side and smoke.

1 comment:

tasha said...

i want to quit smoking to but i also dont. i hate being on the fence about issues. indecisivness is a curse.
did you have a good weekend?