Friday, March 30, 2007


sometimes my brain and my mouth don't connect properly. idiot. this morning was no exception. why i don't know. I'm feeling like an ass, and if you would please forgive me that would be great. id say punch me in the mouth but that would be like killing the delivery man. so i guess you should punch me in the head... via the mouth. ill open it big and wide so you can hit me all the way in the back...(oh yeah my mouth is that big!)

this whole love debacle is getting to me and i just need to be happy! i am so fucking happy that it seems i need to fuck it up. so for the fourth time today, i love you. nothing short of M.D.K. will get in the way of that.

i could sing you a song... you know how good i can sing!!!

won't you be mine....

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