Friday, February 16, 2007

Guest Post asked me to do this, but it's not really my style. I'm a pretty private person, (maybe you've noticed) so this makes me feel...a little funny.
So, at any rate, here goes...I'm the busiest person I know...I can't stop overbooking no matter how hard I try. I have a short fuse. But my outbursts generally implode. If I'm upset I'll only hurt myself. I don't know what else to say. Between work school kids and the fabulous love affair that occupy my mind putting words into coherent sentences is almost beyond me. Did I mention the dog? Well, there we have it. The reason I have no time for thought. I have vivid dreams. I look forward to the future.
note: this is a post from my wonderful love... very private, very reserved... she is taking a writers block break... i might suggest to her that she not try to write about herself per say, but about something more simple.... any help for her is hugely appreciated... now back to your regularly scheduled posting...
There was this thing, which will heretofore be refered to as THAT. THAT was amazing. THAT was something that until recently I believed only found a place in drugstore novels with bodice-ripping-heroines on the cover. Thank you Zack. THAT was amazing.
Lightening, thunder, fireworks and the grand canyon also make my day. Lets see these things sometime. Perhaps you can bring your camera.
So bloggers, I must apologise for my disconnected convoluted contribution. See you in the ether.


black egg said...

Aw...this is a very sweet post. And a cool idea, doing a "guest spot." My advice is that if you like to write at all (and based on the small amount that you wrote, I think you can write - you express yourself clearly and have a definite tone) then you should think about starting your own blog. Blogs can be as private or revealing as you want them to be, they needn't be profound or updated daily etc. to be worthwhile endeavors. For me, blogging is a way to release stuff, and though some aspects of my own blog seem quite personal, TRUST ME, there is so much that is left unsaid, with identities to protect (my own included) etc. I'm a busy gal myself, but the blog can be a good centering place. Having it "out there", even for a small audience is different than just a regular ol' journal. I feel like it provides a better release, personally. If you make it personal, just choose your known audience wisely. Most importantly, have fun with it!

p.s. I keep having to sign in under "other" and typing in my user name b/c blogger wants to default to an old display name I no longer use!

Also, sorry if you receive this comment more than once, it kept freezing up on me!

Anonymous said...

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