Friday, November 30, 2007

where does the time go?

as i have been complaining about all week, its been a tough one. and as chubby little yipster pointed out, i should just "buck up". i know, i get it and as i said thank you.
well i haven't posted shit of any substance for awhile. I'll give it a whack, (not on myself, I'm at work. although thats been done on the clock before...) anyways, here we go.
after Wednesdays feast we had some guys come up and shoot skeet, five hundred rounds, four hundred clay pigeons, seventy some odd Coors lites later, we roll back up to the house and eat some pork sausage stuffed mushrooms that cheese whipped up. enjoy some snacks and head out on a bitchin moto-ride.
fire up a neighboring road that I've never been on to quite an amazing view. wow! on the way up i put my foot down to "help myself" around a corner. smart if i was on a dirt bike, stupid since i was on a quad. a quad with no plastic covers on it. (it looked quite like a mad max mobile!) so i drove up and onto my leg, which peeled me off the quad and pulled off some skin and left me with a nasty bruise! woe is me right? shut the fuck up! quit yer whining!
on our way down we see this dude walking with his herd of goats!
he says, "you know this is private property?"
i say, "yeah, there is lots of that around here.... is it yours?"
"well no, wait.. how did you get up here, through green ridge?"
at this point bells are going off in my head! i can get up here through green ridge?!?! that adds like eight more miles to this ride!! hell the fuck yeah!!
"well, i thought i heard you guys down there." he points towards the bottom of the canyon.
"we were down there, now we are up here. nice view what?"
"yeah, well, wait. who are you?"
"I'm Zack, who are you?"
"I'm charlie, what are you doing up here? this is private property."
"i thought what we were doing up here is obvious, and this isn't your property either, so whats your problem? hows your holiday?"
"my holiday is fine."
at this point i can tell this guy is going to start being a dick, i run him through the who the hell am i spiel again and give him some vague directions of where, how and who... his goats start trailing away and we wait for him to shepperd them up again before we fire up the machines and rocket down the hill. goat shepperds are assholes in my opinion now.
i get home and I'm in trouble. my "I'll be right back. no, no.. its only a twenty five minute ride." speech before i left hours ago, didn't help to smooth things over for when i got back. i'm an asshole.
after that, we busted out "thanks for letting us steal your country day" dinner. complete with deer steaks, garnet yams, potatoes, carrots, salads, a twenty four pound turkey, pies, chocolate cheese cakes, home made cream puffs, home buns and breads.... lots more alcohol and beer.
i think our final tally for that two days of partying was: eight bottles of wine, three bottles of champagne, six thirty six packs of Coors lite, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of Cointreau, half a hefty size bottle of Yeager...umm.. probably some of this and that smoked and toked but who can remember?
the weekend went by nice and slow, i built an eight foot by five foot coop for our new turkeys, bucked up several trees and split the wood for a friend, yanked out some old black oak stumps and split that wood. tried not to drink too much and sat by the fire alot and watched plenty of movies!
since then the week has been full of shit. had to drive up to Stockton to get parts, bout a four hour drive each way. drive here and there to fix equipment and be the delivery bitch, broke an "easy out" off in an axle bolt. that sucks major ass, actually id rather suck on some majors ass than break an "easy out" off in a drilled bolt.
fighting with the cheese is hopefully coming to an end. we seemed to make nice a little this morning... we will see how it goes, everything is kind of up to her at this point. i think we both just want to get along. I've got to get some food in my belly, and some more coffee, i didn't sleep for shit the last three nights and have been drained out as a result. so i hope all is well and thank you for checking in, I'll be "bucking up" this weekend and have an old friend coming to town, hopefully will get to meet up with her an introduce her to the cheese company.. (heh heh, i just made that up, cheese and her two little daughters... the cheese company.)
note: just as i wrote, get some food in my belly, a buddy rolled into my office and hooked me up with a burrito! sweet!
note #2: im going to try and provide links to the photos i use from now on. not sure how to do that but iguess thats a nice thing to do.


FirstNations said...

i totally feel ya.

burritos make everything better.


except the ones this guys mom makes, they are ass-hot spicy if you know what i mean... the old exit is puckering just thinking about it!

Black Egg said...

Well, you're busy and that's a good thing, usually, and it's interesting food, adventures, and problems. My advice is make some more food together, something simple & decadent. Hope your weekend is great!

Kay said...

Mmmmm, Burrito.

Dude, turkeys are the devil. My parents had some when I was young, and those damn things would chase us all over. Never let them out of the coop, never.

How'd this weekend go? You doin alright?


kay! and they ca see in the fucking dark!!! my chickens go absolutly blind at night, so i thought i could sneak into the turkey coop and pick em up and get them used to the idea of being handled. fuck no!!! they can see better then i can at night! weekend was great, i spent it relaxing and made a gallon of spagetti sause from scratch and then had a zuccinni bread cook off with a friend. (i lost, he made a sugary cake instead of bread. so he cheated. everybody like his better so wtf?)

oread the SSA said...

that's right, you'd best take my advice and adjust yer per-speck-tive. WTF fun is being bummed and miserable over lots of lame stuff you can't do much about, eh? Fucking NO FUN. I figure we could all choke on that next bite of food or have a jet engine fall on us ala Donnie Darko, so you might as well not let the BS get to ya too bad.
It's good to vent though, and you totally should more, that's what blogs are for, yo!
Goat herders are total dicks, but I think that comes from barnyard std's infecting their brains.


When i started this blog it was all about a way to keep from getting so bummed out that i didnt do anything stupid. dealing with my moms suicide and the likes of the end of a failing relationship... back in the days when nobody really read here. but i dont always want to be so down and out here either. i do mean it when i say thanks for the help! "buck up" meant something that day and really changed my outlook!