Monday, October 27, 2008


this is not a picture of me...
but I'm sure some of you new parents might think that this is a good idea!!!

this post is just something for you all to read other than that post from Friday night....

funny what one writes when they have had a few drinks eh?

so ill hopefully be back to write some more today but in the meantime, did anyone else do anything fun and exciting this weekend?? we only:

hit up four bars on Friday
went dancing at one of them
argued about something on the way home.(neither of us remember what)
drunken blogged
slept in one weekend day
drank lots of beer at home
went to Santa Cruz and hung out at cheese brothers house
played the most lame card game (taboo)
ate Thai food
watched a decent anime movie "ghost in a shell"
watched four movies on Sunday
got a lot of "work done" on Sunday while watching movies
cheese gardened up a storm
set up and delivered a "togo" box of work for some one else and delivered it
drank another eighteen beers on Sunday

that's about it folks... as you can see we didn't do much this weekend... hope you all are well and thanks again for this weekend comments on my dark post.


Cece said...

I got my Xterra stuck in the mud then my husband and I spent the next hour getting it unstuck. That was fun!!!!


excellent work cece!!!! nicely done, no grass in the feild? play in the mud!!!

MJ said...

I had a gay old time with one of my favourite homosexualists but you already know that.

Oh right. And I blogged about you today and showed the world your big cock.


mj, thanks for the pimping!!! we did the same as you on Saturday!!! too bad we were so beat from Friday though, we had planned on going out, (not coming out) that evening... instead we played a very easy board/card game... anything fabulous about your evening we should know about!

BEAST said...

I went home to the a vsit with Ma and Pa Beasty and we did loads of cooking and eating :-)

hnter1018 said...

Holy crap dude. Just went to Mj's page. Is that from this year???? You need to send some pics along of "things"

Megan said...

I didn't play any games this weekend. I didn't even take advantage of that hotel room I had all to myself, dammit! But I did have quite a few beers...

Queen Goob said...

Stayed home Friday to purge the homestead
Went to the pet store to get my "pig" a bigger cage
Hit the Home Depot while out
Follwed by the grocery store
Spawn had a football game Friday night
Had to pick him up at school at 2:00 a.m.
The game was in JACKSONVILLE!!!
Got up at six to take him to his girlfriends track meet
Purged a bit the next morning
went shopping for Spawnette's Homecoming dance dress
...and shoes
...and jewelry
...did I mention I HATE SHOPPING
...thank goodness Spawn was there with me
Drank a number of beers to celebrate surviving the weekend.

Sounds like you had more fun.

catscratch said...

- started drinkin beer at home before going out dancin Friday night.

- had empty nest syndrome Saturday which resulted in me calling the kid nearly in tears to tell her I miss her.

- BBQ with Hollyrock and family Saturday night (no more beer).

- Hung with Gramma on Sunday.

FirstNations said...

drank some 'Jubilale" and found it VERY GOOD INDEED

cooked a bunch of potato knishes and ate them all and almost cried because they were so good (not that food is of ANY IMPORTANCE WHATSOEVER around here)

Coon Dog and Andrea showed up and we talked a bunch of shit. took in his Sporty for the winter; sucker needs new paint and some of the Aquanet chipped off it; goddamn hair farmin coonass motherfucker

wondered why your ass didn't send me a SERIOUS playlist (only YOU can prevent TOP 40 CLASSIC ROCK)

Anonymous said...



hi random!


beast, you are quite lucky to live so close!

hntr, maybe it is you who should be visiting eh?

megan, solo in the hotel with beer eh? did it involve batteries?!?!?!


goob, sounds like you had a rockin mom weekend!!! thanks for the comment!!!

see folks, goob knows how to party!!!

scratch!!! we get that empty nest syndrome sometimes too. other times its a nice break!!!

nations, coon dog rides a sportster? i thought those were for girls? i guess with the aqua net and hair farming it fits... twelve hundred cc's of pure pink power!!! hahahahaaaa.... oh and i left you the beginning of a music list this morning...

That Guy said...

Went to a friend's bday party in town. Wanting to really "throw down," I came with a handle of Stoly, a 6er of tonic and 6er of soda, 6 limes, 2 bags of ice and a bottle of wine. Well, this was neredfest 1999 (Magic the Gathering folk, to be specific...sorry if you're into's not my bag). We hung out with dude's MOM, who was nice enough, know. We played a made up questions game around a coffee table and proceeded to get Nerdy McGeekinham's Mom's. So, yeah...didn't do much either.


oooo.... ouch. so you tagged his mom with a "yer it" then and ran into her sons room and hid on the bed, right!?!?

Walker said...

I contemplate murdering a friend then feeding him to the cat to see if he could get drunk