Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The days go wizzing by and as happy as i am to get back to work today the more nervouse i am about leaving my house. first day back and big sur is indeed a moon scape. its wild and the real fun will be this winter when the rain starts. these now unprotected hillsides will hammer down into the yalleys and unleash a torrent of rocks and mud... where will the government be then... the news crews...

i would post some links to some pages in the papers that have been of interest for me and all in big sur.. but its a mac top and as usuall im not mac savy.. one was written by cheeses mom in the herald. several were about the boys on apple pie ridge and another was on cnn.com..

anyways, im fucking beat and we still can see flames from our road and our house when the smoke blows in another direction than right over us. we have been working our asses off and taking days off inbetween. the other day we had a bit of a bbq and folks from our neighborhood all came up and swam in our pool, hung out on the grass naked and brought their kids, supplies, good vibes etc... i installed my pop up shade out on the point and folks have been watching the air show and flames at night. we had one of the biggest bombers helping out our fire brigade do their backburn and retardent. it was a dc-10, imagine a passenger jet flying by at eye level and dumping a quarter mile of bright red shit every where!!!

other things float around in our heads, how will the chemicals they are using affect our water, what kind of animals will be lurking around up here now... what will our creek do where we get our water... how will our road fare after all this fire clearance..etc. etc...

my landlord came up and helped for several days and gave me his chainsaw to keep for all my hard work. also knocked some rent off for the month, sweet! we have also been drinking non stop, our house guests for the last week, who were evaced from their homes, left this morning and even though its nice to have a slightly more empty, we miss them. the drinking will have to resume some time later, ive picked up that wonderful little anal themed bug and have been running to the bathroom to fart every hour on the hour it seems...

i wish i could post some of the wicked pics we have taken, but in the following weeks i hope to do some of that. our office is almost empty and operating at bare bones at the moment. the ladies have set up a temporary station in town at our number two guys house. i havent mentioned many specifcs here as im not wanting everyone and the fucking mom googleing shit about the fire and landing up here... but you all get the picture! have a great evening and as always i miss you all and love your comments....


just bob said...

We're all rooting for you guys/gals there. Good to hear there is some semblance of normalcy starting to return.

just bob

kylie said...

i'm so glad it's all getting (kind of better)

Kookaburra said...

G'day Zack :)

Thank you for this update. Like the others I'm pleased that you and everyone are safe. It is great that you had a bbq with your neighbours. Gives everyone a chance to let off steam and 'recharge the batteries'. Your landlord seems like a good bloke too. My regards and best wishes to your family and friends.

Hang in there,
Cheers and beers,

G'day Bob
G'day Kylie

MJ said...

Yalleys? I see your spelling hasn't improved.

Beast is taking time off for a colonic irrigation.

Perhaps you should join him.

I hope you're not doing the Dutch Oven on Cheese.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you're farting and I just had a butt probe! Cool.

Seriously, I check your blog a lot to see how you and the Cheeses are doing. Glad to hear you're surviving. Beer is good.

Don't worry about us. We'll still be here, crazy as ever.


denim said...

ya buddy, crazy new landscape we have now. though visibility was pretty shitty yesterday, manuel looked like a crater. i imagine pico blanco is the same by now, still saw that smoldering yesterday.

went home yesterday and ended up helping drag some water line up to replace the melted ones. looked like i was hiking on the moon in some parts. smoldering redwoods that had fallen, other limbs spontaneously combusting. craziness. my house smelled like mildewed shit or something, pretty awful. the smoke smell has almost become a normal thing, which sucks. i feel like i have an extra 2 pounds in my lungs also, is that what it's like to smoke? :D-

and thanks readers for all of your well wishing, it seemed to help!! all our buildings are okay, thanks to the controversial firefighters on our ranch. the fire got right up to our safety zones, so hooray for all of that brush clearing that we did.

hope to see you soon for a tourist free beer soon, z.

FirstNations said...

well great. now that things have calmed down you can come up and help me yard out some junipers that are pissing me off, ya lazy bastid.

baby, I am thinking ofyou, as always, and your cheeselings as well. lemme or the SSA know if we can pass along any msg or whatever. heart!

Gig said...

Sorry bout your frequent trips to the potty...but am glad that you checked in!!!

We all will be here as hopefully things will get back to a little bit like "normal". Keep on drinking and bbqing!

Take care, good thoughts coming your way for you, Cheese and little cheeses...

Anonymous said...

Don't bust ass too close to the smoldering bits...

I'm going to get the fuck out of this goddamned office and go drink a beer in your honor. And my parents and everyone else in Big Sur who can relax a bit, and especially for those who have to start all over. Shit-TY. Any inside word on the best way to send in $$ to some of the people who lost houses?

Big hug to you and breeze. Tell her to call me next time she's in cell range, yo.

Suzanne said...

Just thinking of you, the ladies and Denim (and of course the animals). I'm happy your homes survived, but sorry you have the runs. Fortunately you still have a functioning toilet. That always helps.

The Buttes fires as well as other Northern CA wildfires are descending on us this week. 107-108 degree temps and air quality that is horrendous. This is a nasty place to be. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Hang in there. Talk to you soon.

Cecile said...

The more I read about CA, the happier I am that I live in Ark. I'll take the tornadoes over the fires and spiders any day, plus realestate is cheaper here. Like everyone else, I'm glad you and the fam. are ok. Thanks for keeping us posted. Hoping for better air quality for you and the rest of CA.

oread the SSA said...

A moonscape, eh? Lemme come down in a month and we'll get drunk and make space helmets and pretend we're Neil Armstrong or some shit! FUCK YEAH! Only with chainsaws and 4 wheeler jousts!!!! YEAH!!!
(good to hear from you, mang!)

BEAST said...

It sounds AWESOME and scary . Glad to hear its starting to return to something like normal.
Please ignore Miss MJ's fevered enema related imaginings , she is obsessed with my rear end

oread the SSA said...

EVERYONE is obsessed with your rear end, Beastie, you hang it all over the place so what do you expect precisely?!

CSI Seattle said...

I am checking in, but that's all, just checking in.

Suzanne said...

Are you okay?

Robyn said...

Hey there! I haven't heard from you for like ever...and of course worried as shit! I was just up in your neck of the woods in June when all this shit started. I am really sorry that the drinking has stopped for a bit...but remember IV it will restart by the weekend I am sure of it! *grin* No freak'n fire going to hold you guys back!
I am also glad to see your posts...I sigh with relif when I come and read them! Missed ya!
Every time I crack a cold one...think of you and yours! Take care bud!

FirstNations said...

uh huh. you can comment, but you can't post? HA I say! my laugh is HAVE DEFIANT YET SCORNFULLY the face!!

take time out from hanging your ween at the girl smokejumpers and THROW UP A NEW POST ALREADY YOU LAZY BUTTHOLE.

Suzanne said...

Are you now also a "lazy butthole?". Good Lord! That's going to be hard to live down over at the Cafe. Speaking of which, we have a new bartender because Jorge was an a-hole, so Cece promoted him and hired Just Bob!!! It's a hoot.

We miss you so much at the Wild Onion and can hardly wait for your return. I'm riding my pink tricycle constantly in an effort to train for the big race (thanks honey ~ I love it!). I even bought a pink trench coat to give me an advantage. I'm gonna win you know. Heels and all.

Love you and hang in there.


Robyn said...

Come by and say hello and see me! I have posted some pics! Did something very new to me...eeekkk! Had some fun but thought I would give it a try!