Friday, July 04, 2008


GENERALLY IN MY LIFE NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS... the winds seem to be in our favor today and i believe they have started a back burn this morning a canyon away from us, so thats seems to be more good news... big sur is a fucking mess... the sherriffs have declared a sort of marshall law there and are arresting people on site... ??? the chp have been a bit more helpful and not as harsh. some people seem to be able to get supplies in and move around a bit while others are not being able to leave their properties for a split second... there are so many people in charge its like a cock fight. some members from our local fire crew have bee reported awol with equipment, fighting fires on their own ridges and homes i imagine. one land owner (where denim lives) lit his own back fire and they have been fighting it on the front lines of their own property for a couple of days now.. the sherriffs might try and make an example of him by arresting hime for felony arson when this is all over... wtf? others that have been evac'ed have had no contact with their loved ones who have stayed.... this is a painfull time for all. we are doing better than most, not as well as some but not in any danger as of yet... i should be able to get back here a little more often... i hope... be safe all and remember to wear your condoms!!!


just bob said...

IV, don't forget to take care of yourself while you're fighting to save your property. I experienced the same kind of thing when I lived through Hurricane Andrew in Florida. A whole lot of chiefs, not many indians, and a great many people who wanted to help but didn't know how.

You and denim stay safe!!!

Suzanne said...

I agree with Bob. On this 4th, I will be thinking of you and hoping all of you are safe. And yes dear, I know what the rainy season will bring. I had a horrible dream last night about all the animals in the area. I woke up, and I was sitting up looking into space. Odd.

My love to all of you. And please thank Denim for keeping us informed. He's the best. (I hope he's a he!). Take good care of yourself dear friend.

Love you.

Kookaburra said...

like just bob said ....take care of yourself. From what you have posted it seems that there's a whole lotta people running around like chooks with their heads cut off.

This will be one Independence Day you won't forget in a hurry.

Cheers and beers,

ps. Thanks Denim.

pps. Is there an on-line newspaper I can read - like the L.A. Times or something?

just bob said...

G'day Mark,

The best two online dailies are:
San Jose Mercury News
Monterey Herald

just bob

FirstNations said...

awesome! we've been worried about you! i am so relieved to hear that you're ok. my love to you and all the cheeses and homo pets and whatnot. guard the 'baby maples'!

Gig said...

So glad to hear that you are as ok as you all can be under these horrible circumstances!! I agree with Bob and everyone else, please take care of yourself. We are all thinking of you and the "Cheeses", and animals.

Thanks to Denim for keeping us updating, seeing as he is fighting his own fire too.

Thanks to Bob for the links to the local papers to keep us updated!!

Love to all of you,
Gig (Debbie)

Kookaburra said...

@just bob,
Thank you for the links to the papers. I did find the L.A. Times on-line but the two you put on are better.

Thanks for your reminder that Denim is fighting his own fire too. I surely hope that Denim is okay.

Take care of yourself, man.

Iksodas said...

Glad to hear from you.. Every time I hear a news stories on the fires, I think of you, Cheese, and the girls, and have been hoping all is well.

CSI Seattle said...

Hey Dude,

I am very happy to hear that you are safe for now, and your updates are appreciated by all. We have been chatting about you in your absence....oh, yes we have.

There has to be an end to this disaster soon And when it's done, we will drink beer.

Hang in there.

kylie said...

glad you're doin well
now can you explain how i can wear a condom?

MJ said...

You've been in my thoughts and we appreciate you and Denim giving us the updates.

I'm having a bit of a problem without your guidance though as the condom won't fit over my head.

Suzanne said...

Just checking in. Hope you're all safe. Just had a horrible forest fire at the state park where I feed the ferals. Missed my feeding area by about 5 feet. Insane. Absolutely f&^#*%g insane. Only two cats have appeared. I'm writing to everyone else in an effort to avoid my own sorrow and to find peace. I think it's working. Somehow talking to all of you, helps me. Imagine that! Dr. P would be proud. Oh, that's right, I'm not supposed to be blogging, so how am I going to tell her?

Wow, this is the first time I've really just sobbed. Most of the day I've just felt like I was going to puke. Thank you for helping me through this by just being you. You don't have to say I thing. I know.

I love you Zack. Hang in there.


Robyn said...

Zack! THANK GOD BRO! I have been worried as S*&t about you and cheese and the kiddos! You are in Jim and I's thoughts and hoping of all hopes that this mad-ass fire stops soon! And like CSI when is all finished and all is right as rain...I will bring the iced brews my friend!
Hang in there...your in our thoughts ZACK!
Many hugs,

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're still hanging in there. I've been thinking and praying for you, Cheese, the little Cheeses, Denim, and everyone in Big Sur. If you guys can survive this, you can survive anything!!!


Cecile said...

Just stopping by to let you know I'm thinking of you. Take care of yourself.

Suzanne said...

Well, I haven't stopped puking or crying and now all your damn smoke is back in the Sacramento Valley to boot. I can't win. Will someone please stop this train.

Kookaburra said...

just checking - 'no news is good news'?

Leah said...

Zack, just a quick check and hello--

Suzanne said...

Hey you. Just checking in like the peeps. Stay safe.