Friday, August 17, 2007


while working away here at the computer i clicked on over to my email and found out I've been inducted into old bitter balls clan of miscreants. i passed the test and can begin my life anew... i got a nice little post about me... heh heh, those of us lucky enough to make it can be seen here. to find mine simply look for the inner voices post... but damn, do I have to be k-fed? vanilla ice maybe, marky mark or fucking bobby brown would have been better... but k-fed, hahahahaha. what ever fits i guess.

so now that's all behind me i can start my weekend. been on the wagon for two days now, (we'll see how that goes for the weekend.) but if anybody wants to come up the mountain to persuade me to walk next to the wagon for a few beers, i might climb down.

so what the fuck else is new? my buddy just rolled up in his monster truck wanting me to help him by doing an alignment on his rig. this poor sap is getting divorced from his ex and has just found out she might be pregnant with one of her new lovers. HOLY SHIT! she was pregnant with her first kid at 17 and again with next one at 19. she beat the living snot of of her husband for years... now she hanging out with the local drug dealers and might be pregnant? (shes a candidate for a long walk off a short cliff if you ask me...)go ahead, ask me!

what else should i blab on about. something crass? perhaps something evil? how about something dirty? hmmm....

I'm going to spend part of the weekend cutting down trees behind my house for fire wood. i know its a little late for that but I've been lazy and it was a bit of an issue a few weeks ago. but it could get bloody. see I'm not too savvy with the chain saw. I'll admit it. I'd like to think i am! but it might be a gruesome endeavor. seeing as how I'm hoping to take the weekend off from drinking it might be a good idea to use the limb cutting instrument. (tree limb, not arms and legs.)

i heard my neighbor culling some chickens yesterday so maybe he will call us up for a BBQ this weekend, anybody else doing something interesting? give us a buzz. we don't have the girls this weekend so we could come out for some adult fun!!! or come on over and get nekid in our new pool! ha!

oh and special cheese is attempting the challenge as well. as a guest post! any of you non-blogging bitches wanna guest post? i know you are out there stalking me, you there from the pizzle, wanna give it a go? i dare you to come up with 101 fucking things to write about yourself! I'll give you the pass word for the day!!! (although i think cheese might want to edit her list a little, it's the WORLD WIDE WEB... you never know what kind of perverts are out here.)

actually i do! its been a while since I've disclosed the people who have come on to my site erroneously... fucking sickos... if i post their I.P. addresses would anybody know what to do with them? lemme know I'll exploit the guy in France looking for the "The kiddie porn princesses" (how the hell did he get here?) or the guy in Portugal looking for foot fetish ideas... that's not too bad but he spent over an hour looking through my archives... wicked thought,eewww.. of some dude rubbing his feet on god knows what, while reading about my daily life... want more? i'll give it to you...


Old Knudsen said...

I did a post a while back and its the Germans who are the sickest nation on the Interweb.
If they aren't searching for pedos its rimjobs.

Kay said...

OMG, I need to hear more of that shit.

Sounds like an interesting weekend bro.

Re: your bud with the monster truck, are the other kids his?


yeah they are his, cute kids too... but the mom is such a fucking tool. they had to smuggle the second baby out of the hospital, i guess they do some testing of the babies now a days... blood, pee and all that.. well they had found copious amounts of THC in its system.. im down for the weed but give it up when you are havin the chillens fer fucks sake!
so they had notified them that they were calling the sherrifs and C.P.S.
anyway, i hope she gets it....