Friday, August 24, 2007

more news...

"friendly fire" ? now, we are not only killing our own soldiers by accident, but we are killing the poor saps who are trying to help us bring democracy to the middle east. we are in for it now.. not that any body in the world like Americans other than our own fat selves but here we are making sure that our last few friends on the planet will start hating us as well!!! kudos bush!

I'm not one for posting video links but japan has got something here. finally some "good" news. news in the nude! and why is the government having a problem with this? educate people! make them smarter dammit! even if you have to be a naked women doing it, whatever it takes! how many more people would be excited to go to school this year, when in one of their classes they got taught by their favorite naked professor? i thought so.

anyway that's all i will bitch about this morning. other than that the wood splitting went well, still have all my fingers... not like this guy.

and have stacked enough wood to make it through the winter! hooray me, yeah i know who gives a shit.

not much else exciting happening around here, i have a batch of alcohol to run through the still this weekend, its been going for two weeks and its ready... this batch i made with brown sugar this time... i think it will have a very slight brown hue to it, not that noticeable but I'll see it. for those of you who didn't know that i make my own alcohol you can see a picture of it here.

are links annoying? does anybody click on them or am i just wasting my time? lemme know.

personal note to friend:

hey denim!! yeah you... whats happening? how did it go the other night. thanks for the help by the way. give me a buzz this weekend.

and finally i hope you all have a great weekend and get everything you want for Christmas.


Old Knudsen said...

Maybe the Brits looked Canadian, the Yanks are always killing them.


BOMB FIRST, ask questions later... oh their english? shit who do we say did this one? ummm, we will call it friendly fire, sounds better than calling it stupidity...