Wednesday, August 08, 2007


yeah, yeah... i know you all have been checking in and i haven't said shit in days.... just like everyone else who posts and has people read, i feel bad... but I'm fucking busy... birthday parties galore... went fishing.(notice how i said went fishing, not, went catching fish.) yes, yes other people went catching fish. and my good buddy caught lots of fish. and likes to gloat about it. a lot... i don't really care too much.. who the hell wants to clean eight small fish? id rather clean just one BIG fish... AND we went to his personal fishing spot, where he used his custom rig and it was very impressive. but trust me... i know fishing as well as you do and have probably caught just as big of fish as you have.. so nah nah nah...

anyway i was bitching about being really busy. i finally got the engine into the truck and running!! no shit, scared the crap out of us.. i primed the fuel line and said, "yeah try it! i think its ready..." there was no usual farting and smoking. no turning over and over or problems.. just like it had been in there all the time, vrooom, purrrr.... (if you could imagine a four hundred horse powered supercharged turbo diesel purring...)

well i have had to work a couple of bugs but that is to be expected. but we took it for a test drive twenty minutes after firing it up! not bad.

what else you ask? that's not enough.. well i had to work out a couple of bugs with special cheese too this week. you know the usual relationship stuff, but that is also to be expected from time to time...

the kid whose motorcycle I've been borrowing for the last six years thinks he wants it back now... hmmm.. when i say kid i mean hes like twenty five years old.. but he pretty much moved from one tit to the other... from his mommies house to his girlfriends house... and guess how i know that he wants it back! his fucking mommy called me. he called first and left some convoluted message on my machine about wanting to chat and catch up.(i know what the fuck he wants, we don't talk. the last time he called to get his motorcycle back i told him no. he was living downtown San Francisco and wanted it to putt around on... its a fucking dirt bike! a very small one at that... not for driving around downtown San Fran!) but he had his mommy call me and leave me a message about how he has a job now! and how he is living on some dirt road somewhere and needs it to save gas?!?! yeah, i buy that.. but its his and since his mother went through all the trouble to call me and give me all seven numbers for me to return their calls to, i might call them back next week. not that i want to keep it for my self(that was not our deal) but they might need some more time to think about it...

i need a vacation.

school starts for the girls soon and we haven't even been to the lake. WTF? but the main man here said i could borrow his boat and truck someday, so I'm going to call him on it. my boat needs some work and i just cant seem to channel the money over to that budget right now... I'm sure you all can understand that one. how many of you can throw about eight hundred bucks at your water craft right now? i thought so...

my back hurts more and more lately. I've been sneaking in some ibuprofen lately. i hate taking that shit. 1) because I'm a bit of a heavy drinker and you aren't supposed to be taking that shit when you drink alot.2)it relieves pain that is supposed to keep me from hurting myself even more.3) i don't like pills that don't send me to another world. not that i take those pills any more... i just don't like taking them.

well i have got to get some work done this morning... i just got a call from the fire brigade, they "rewired" the truck i fixed for them last week and now it doesn't start again... huh?

"you did what" i ask.

"well the engine driver thought what you did wasn't like it was before so he rewired it." was her response.

"so now it doesn't run, like before.correct?"

"umm, yeah he says the wires get all hot and now the inverter doesn't work." she says.

"so not only doesn't it work, but its worse!?!"

"yes, he thinks it might have something to do with the way YOU wired it." she sheepishly tells me.

"oh, okay, is he there?

long pause... "yes..."

"tell him to run, hide if he would like,because if i see him there I'm going to rewire him! thanks I'll be there shortly..."

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Black Egg said...

Sorry I haven't been able to check in or post myself, my internet's been down for like a week - but busy I do understand! Ibuprofen (Advil) isn't anywhere near as bad as acetaminophin (Tylenol), btw. Tylenol is the shit to really steer clear of when you drink - I never take it, consequently! I hope life is going good - hopefully my internet will be fixed by Tuesday and I'll be back in the saddle with posts and comments. Enjoy what's left of the weekend!