Monday, August 20, 2007


i don't have much time but wanted to share the stupidity of the morning.

WTF? how fucking retarded do you have to be to jump naked into a bear cage?

we deal with this shit everyday, we hire these hard working folks all the time. but not a single one grabs a news camera and says "hey, i don't have the proper paper work to be here. poor me."

of all the things to protest, why protest expanding the Heathrow airport, someone tell me?

burn you fucking bitch. "hey lets start fighting dogs, we wont get caught, errr, you run it and I'll fund it and well call it something cool.. bad dogz or bad newz... yeah bad newz kennelz..." ever see two dogs fight, i mean really fight? its not a fun thing to watch and have only ever see two farm dogs get into it as a kid... its fucking scary, i guess some of you folks are into it.

sorry about all the links and not that any of you will track them all down. its just what i was reading while drinking my coffee this morning. in other news we had a pretty good fucking weekend. had a buddy come up and help cut down some trees. want to feel like a man? grab a chainsaw and cut down some large trees! we bucked it all up and then cheese and i four wheeled the Toyota all around and hauled it down the hill to the driveway, five truck we have got to split and stack it. ugh. should get us almost all the way through winter. went to town yesterday and went shopping, wow your really excited about that piece of information aren't ya?

not much else happened, oh we went to bar-b-que on Saturday and embarrassed every couple there by talking about sex?!?! yeah um, they all had kids, so i imagine that they have had sex themselves or at least heard about it. but as soon as i started talking about how many times that morning we had enjoyed ourselves, people started changing color.

seems they wern't getting any? perhaps we were at a catho-holic BBQ? i dunno. i suppose some people cant talk about sex. do you have that problem? have a great week, perhaps some of you will get laid? or do you not want to talk about it?


Black Egg said...

Yeah, they're just not getting any, or if they are, it's basically missionary/vanilla.

Quite cool being linked on Knudsen's blog! I left a comment.

Yeah, K-Fed? WTF?

Sushi the Mermaid said...

I love the nun picture...hehehe...laugh every time.

Kay said...

Dude, the nuns... Can't get over that.

All those news links are just proof of why we need Darwin's little Survival of the Fittest (smartest) to speed up a little. People are fucking dumb.

Sounds like a crunchy BBQ. Either they weren't getting any, or they were total prudes. Some people get all touchy about everything once they have kids.


b-egg: vanilla style, love it! made me laugh... thanks for the kudos over at knudsens.. i dont think he knew what he was in for...
sushi: i dont remember how i found that pic, but it made me look twice.. glad you all though it was funny!
kay: i agree, we are keeping stupid people alive for too damn long nowadays. and the bbq was good, we had the same neighbor down for dinner two nights ago and asked her about it, she turned bright red again... funny, people are stranger than me? how is that possible... i know we live out in the boonies, but even red necks have secks right?