Monday, August 13, 2007

still working...

yes working away as usual. I'm fucking over it. i thought i might take a vacation after getting this truck finished, but it never seems to end. now i have to bring over to get painted, then to the mobile mechanic to work the bugs out of the governor. no, i don't know how to do everything and admittedly so, i found someone who does... I'm not embarrassed. I'm relieved... if someone can make the truck run better than me than I'm stoked! more power to him!!!

and now that I'm over the hump of that project, all the other projects are cascading down upon me. swamped, I'm asking for helpers everyday, "give me another guy! some one who can change oil. no not him, why? because we are changing the oil in your truck today... ohh okay i can have whoever i want then? perfect..."

i got to get back to it. enjoy the week. and I'm still working on the Knudsen challenge. its hard to come up with one hundred and one things about yourself. even if you make some of them up!!!

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