Thursday, August 16, 2007


catching up on blogs this morning i went here first. caught up and then perused the link section and ended up here. good reading and witty commenters as well. from there i went to this blog. at first i was finding it hard to believe it was a women, or a college girl. i read it for a while and needed to get back to work. i haven't checked on any of her links but i bet they go downhill from there. okay i did look at a couple and the ones i looked at seemed more porn advertising than blogging. so check em or not that's what i did while looking up information on compact telescoping handlers.

its almost Friday and i think i want to take tomorrow off. id like to take denims advice from the comment in the post before this and fucking take my vacation already...

yeah this post sucks, i'm actually doing work this morning. but if your interested in restaurant shit click the first link, if your interested in bar stuff and girlspeak click on the second link and finally if you like reading about sex than click on the third link. and go from there, there is a lot of reading to be done if you have time to waste. oh and if your like me and have fun shopping for heavy equipment click on the last link! have a nice fucking day and enjoy yourselves.. heh heh.

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