Monday, August 25, 2008

no time today kids!!!

sorry folks, extremely busy today... Monday work, work, work, right? well the rifle I've been waiting, drooling, dieing to get showed up today!! i bought a Winchester .300 Remington ultra magnum with scope (not pictured here) but that's it!!! it will be a little confusing for those not in the know, but each manufacturer made a rifle to fit each others cartridges. so you will have a win rem mag and a rem win mag... yeah what ever..

other than that we had a great weekend. spent Saturday in the gardens and relaxing. had a buddy come over and went down to the creek, sat in the sun, built a swimming hole and drank some beer. went to town had some overpriced sushi and went to see "tropic thunder". if you are a Ben stiller fan, you will like it. other than the few other chuckles, we didn't think it was that good.
Sunday cheese had to work, so i had some buddies come up and do some skeet shooting and BBQ. did some more gardening and drove the quad around a bit...

nice and mellow, finally calmed down and enjoyed a day off... must get back to it all out in the yard!!! have a great week yo!


Anonymous said...

mmm... your weekend sounds lovely. wish I could say the same of mine.

Robyn said...

Right on IV! I love guns/rifles/hand guns/pistols...any fire power is good in my book! I was on the rifle team in Marine Corps...and I was a south paw and kicked ass and took names!
Good on you doll! Enjoy your new piece.

just bob said...

Glad you enjoyed the weekend...

just bob

Anonymous said...

You'll shoot yer eye out...LOL!

Walker said...

That looks like a nice rifle.
I have a Remington 1972 1100 Wingmaster and a Winchester Defender somewhere in my closet collecting dust.

Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend.

Daisy said...

sounds like a good time...all but the digging part...i would be the one directing that action...:)

MJ said...

You crazy gun-totin' Amuricans.

BEAST said...

Sounds well chilled , your weather is obviously better than ours , you need oilskins and a souwester to contemplate a BBQ at the moment

catscratch said...

Yay! All the redneck things in life being enjoyed. Good for you, pal!

That Guy said...

shoulder, feeling it.






Mr. Shife said...

Sweet sassy molassey congrats on the new gun. Looks mighty fine. Glad you had a good weekend. I saw "Tropic Thunder" too this weekend but I think I liked it more than you. I am still laughing about the never go full retard scene.


sheshe... sorry to hear about your assident... ouch.. feel better hey, and get yer ass to a hospital to check it out!!!

robyn! thanks for the kudos!!! i shoot some "cans" for you!

just bob! thanks buddy!

random, but you wont see me sticking my tongue to any frozen pipes though!

walker, got to blow the dust off the old tools every now and the yah know! hahahahaaa...

daisy, normally i dont know which end of the shovel to use, but when at home in the garden, its a different story..

mj, bang bang, shoot em up, the party never ends....

beast! yeah and a horse to ride into the sunset on!!

catscratch... nothing but good stuff for me...

that guy... i know you were just "pumped" to be there!


shife! snuck in there... yeah, there were some good parts... im more of a sound of music type guy though... hahahahahaaaa...