Monday, August 18, 2008


Things I heard and variations of things I've said this weekend!!!

"hey babe, I'm so fucking wasted... i think I've been drugged. i had such a hard time keeping the truck on the road tonight. not like my normal wasted double vision, close one eye and smoke driving but the cant keep the truck on the road kind."

"you are going to have to kick me outta here tonight... oh, you want me to leave now?"

"is that dart board on a string like a wind chime or something? it keeps blowing around in the wind" *dartboard was firmly mounted to the wall*

"lemme make some shooters for the road first... anybody else?" *everyone else had one too*

"it smells like shit in here... oh its you..."

"i don't normally want to kiss men, but there is something about you..." *i replied with "i think you've had enough to drink man..."*

"i haven't had enough time to sober up this morning, I've been drinking since dawn." *my buddy said as he was fishing for an invite to come over*

"lets stop at fernwood for ONE DRINK." *as we walked into our local bar, later payed our seventy dollar bar tab and left*

"do you remember what you said last night?"

"stop watering those plants so much... you need to be giving them more water...." * i meant to say more water less often. after saying that though i don't think she trusted me.*

that's all folks... i need to hurry up my day so i can go to work after work this afternoon. i need to drive to the south coast and help a buddy fix his dozer... enough with the broken dozers already!!!
and I'll get to commentsie backsies soon, i almost promise!!!1


Anonymous said...

What dude wanted to kiss you? Or is it that you wanted to kiss some other dude?

You know you've had enough to drink when you want to tongue boogie with a dude.


NO... it was a buddy thinking he was being funny/or something... he is a good buddy, a little off the mark as far as the rest of the world would be concerned, but a good buddy none the less... and yeah... one must be quite a few drinks into the day for that kind of action...

catscratch said...

I don't remember anything about Friday night other than cake, karaoke. I woke up, curled in a ball on the ottoman.

just bob said...

Sounds like weekends I used to have. Please be careful with the drinking/driving thing. I'd hate to have any number of bad things happen.

just bob

Queen Goob said...

Ditto Bib - but I do need to ask - was it you that smelled like shit? Yeah, I bet it was. Or was it cheese? Sopmetimes cheese smells, too. LOL WE LOVE CHEESE!

Queen Goob said...

Ditto Bob and sometimes cheese.

UGH, long day.

MJ said...


The kissing comment plus the use of the phrase "commentsie backsies"...

You are sounding more and more ghey (Old Knudsen spelling) everyday.

Anonymous said...

Perchance it was just B wearing a strap-on, wanting to kiss you? I wouldn't put it past her...

I took YEARS off my life this weekend. I love Bellingham (Washington, that is).

hnter1018 said...

Dudue kissing and shit smelling....hhmmmmmm!!!!

What are the chances of you making it back here in January for a weekend. EB is coming for the month and we all haven't hung out in 15 years. Imagine that 15 yEARS!!! Think about it. I'll meet you half way on a plane tiicket to sweeten the idea. So far it seems my pea plants will be producing peas this year


catscratch! ahhh... a women with prerogatives!!!

bob! thanks for the worries, it was all dirt road...

queen goob. yes it was me... one tends to notices anothers morning farts that much more when one leaves the room and returns form long hot shower away from anal airiness.

mj, all ghey all the time... ah, no.

sheshe... good, good, i'll need someone to grow old with soon. cheese i think looks younger everyday!!!

hntr, i put the idea to some serious thought... could you email me everettes number again!