Thursday, August 14, 2008


EDIT: this post has been edited for your viewing pleasure! thank you all for your awesome fucking caption entries. all of them could/should be the winners!!!

Natures Way of telling you your the boss

Every one here know how much i love putting fucked up and funny photos on this blog. i do invest/waste endless hours having another window open up on the computer perusing photo caches and Google image searching... recently there have been a shit load of motivational poster spoofs available and some of them are fucking great.

"where do they come up with that shit"
"that's fucking great"
"oh my god, that's really funny"

those might be some of your responses to them. i know mine have been like that at times... take the image i posted in the last post... yes the one with the cupcakes no one seemed to notice... i love me some cupcakes...(not really, but it depends on what you view as the "cupcakes"...)

moving on... here at the voices there are some pretty funny fucking people. y'all take pride in being sarcastic mother fuckers sometimes... some of you have that extra dry wit that takes a moment to set in before i blow coffee onto the screen. and some of you can be down right dirty...
well i challenge you all to a sort of caption contest, but more of a motivational poster creation contest.... the posted pictures could be a phenomenal posters... anybody got the stuff to turn them into one? lets see what you all come up with!!!

Not what they meant when they said come on over and shoot the shit.


That Guy said...

Both of these fine images give me lipstick.


i see, so no cupcakes for you then!??!

catscratch said...

Problem is, I have absolutely zero creativity. Zero.

I suck.

MJ said...

I am above all this childish nonsense.


CATSCRATCH... ahhh cmon "you can do it!"

mj, is that because you are always on top? or yer wishing you had my cupcake poster on YOUR blog.... hahahahaaa...

Anonymous said...

Hey IV,

Been lurking around, and this one I couldn't resist...

Not really motivational, and probably not that good either, but here goes..

'Herbert really enjoyed watching his automatic mayonnaise dispenser'

....hmmm, looking back on it, that's quite rubbish, really. Ah well!


peter! wicked... welcome to the voices... English teacher eh? im sure most of the time yer cringing at my spelling and grammar here... awesome of you to de-lurk and join us. thanks for the comment and caption submission!!!

Kookaburra said...

Eeew. Not avery good sight to see first thing in the morning....

and then there's the penguin pic

the days are getting better,each day closer to the weekend :)

that would be tomorrow!

Walker said...

Either the FBI got the zoo bugged or that penguin found a way to make sure his ass is safe while jamming someone elses.

Walker said...

Oh wait, you saidf caption.

"Home Security, at work for you even at the zoo"

hnter1018 said...


Preventative Action: Smashing yourself in the balls before someone else does it for you.

Life is like an almond joy; Sometimes you feel like a nut.


Happiness: Leaving all your shit behind you.

True Friendship:Always having someone you can lean on and let out all your shit.

denim said...

Because some day you will think twice about biting your own balls

i chose the top photo

does that even make sense?

hnter1018 said...

Misunderstanding: Not what they mean when they say bust a nut.

Misunderstanding: Not what they meant when they said come on over and shoot the shit.

kylie said...

i was gonna comment on the phenomenal tatt on the girl in the kitchen, wish i had now.........
and you know what happened today, i woke up thinking of your post on payback (sad, i know) and suddenly remembered a story.
the bathroom smelled like a public toilet. the smell of stale piss was drifting through the house...i cleaned the toilet, no better, mopped the floor, no better, i was going mad trying to find the smell.
keaghan peed on his sister's towel !
i dont know what he was paying back but it must have been bad :)

wonderful seeing peter here!!!


Kookaburra said...

"The milk of penguin kindness".

Kookaburra said...

"blow it out your arse"

Robyn said...

LMAO! Come on IV come up with something for all three pics...RMAOTF! Baaawwaaaahaaa! The one with the cupcake one is funny to me! I showed to hubby and since he is a Correctional Officer he said this "This brings new meaning to full cavitity search...yummy!" That perv! LMAO!

Ok on the dog hubby said this "that lucky bastard!"

On Penguin hubby said this "WTF...geesh looks like a malfuntion with his spidey web blaster!"

Hubby and I were crying with laughter at these pics! Thanks for great laugh!

Cecile said...

One of my 7 year olds was looking over my shoulder when I clicked here and I didn't know it. For the dog one he said, "Oh Nuts!"

For the penguin one he asked if dogs eat penguins. But I'm going to have to say, "Party String anyone?"

Cecile said...

Oh, the dog one could also be, "Bite Me!"

Cecile said...

Oh, the dog one could also be, "Bite Me!"

Leah said...

The dog:

"All that yoga is paying off."

Queen Goob said...


MEN: They wish they could.


SUPERHEROS: Spidey ain't got shit!


MEN: They wish they could.

I'm sorry , I know I suck, I wish I had a better one for the penguin. Look at mom penguin's expression. Priceless. She's like "WHAT THE FUCK???"


PERSISTANCE: Shoot for the extra-ordinary.

Suzanne said...

Well, what'd I tell you on the girlie blog??? I brought them all to you as my gift!!!

You know me, I wasn't going to do this, but everyone's having so much fun, what the hell.

#1 "Wow, I stink."

#2 "Could anyone use a little electrical wire."

I know honey, we're all funny. Good luck!


Gig said...

Ok, now who gets to vote on the caption? Just you? I suppose that would be the correct way...but we all know that there is nothing correct about the Voices, lol.

Lot's of great captions, I don't think I could choose...good luck!!

Queen Goob said...

FRIENDSHIP: True friendshit is seen through the fart; not through the eyes.

Queen Goob said...

Friendshit?!? Did I say friendSHIT? I did!!! LMAO

Sorry, that was a typoo.

Mu Tai Dong said...

Is verr smelly that Penguin poo! Makes me think


Good yeas?

BEAST said...

The Dog Pic

Natures Way of telling you your the boss :-)

The Bird Pic
Home Cooking
If the Bottom falls out of your world
Eat Ma Beasties lovingly prepared Chic Pea Curry and watch the world fall out of your bottom

Leah said...

I vote for mu tai dong's.


i'll be back kids!!! its morning and im still drunk from last night... i havent decided yet if im going to have a beer for breakfast and keep working or if i'll let the hangover settle in and try to leave work early?

your poster caption suggestions are fucking bomb ass!!!


kook!!! i think you are in yer weekend now eh? enjoy it, you lucky bastard...

walker! excellent ass jamming caption! this is going to be hard to choose!!!

hntr, wicked good man... so fucking good. some of the best i believe..

denim... um yeah...

robyn... what was your girl tat comment going to be? its never tooo late to comment!!! and "payback is a beach....towel"

kook, nice ones man!! penguin milk....*chuckles*

cecile! excellent, the voices is now kid approved!!!

leah, another great caption!

goob, *laughs at suggestions and people in office look at him strangely*

suz, good ones... thanks for giving it a shot!!!

gig, yeah, its going to be a tough choice!!!

goob, "friendshit" you might have a winner with that one!! and typoo? yer killing me...

mu tai! welcome to the voices. i see we are going to get along wery vell.... thanks for the entry!!!

beast!!! awesome man!!!!

Anonymous said...

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