Monday, December 08, 2008



.5. You mean I have to think again?
afraid so...
1. How tall are you? Are you happy with your height or do you wish you were taller or shorter?
YES, very happy with my height. I'm 5'11" tall. cheese thinks I'm exaggerating by an inch but that's what it says at the doctors office. i wish i were just as tall as me.
2. If you could give my 14 year old son one piece of advice, what would it be?
i would tell him to stay at home as long as possible. as much as you want to become a man and do things for yourself, don't. be a boy, a child and enjoy the things that your parents have given you and will continue to give to you while under their roof. stay in school if that's what you want to do. it has many opportunities that you will not find without it...


Do you have any nude pics of old girlfriends you can post?
I have several pictures of ex-girlfriends of them naked. will i post them? no. can you see them online on one of their photography web sites?YES. will i give you their addresses? no... sorry, that's not how i roll.


1) I know your age, but your photos always depict women of a certain age. Is that your comfort zone? Do you ever think outside the box? Yes, I'm aware that's a two part question, but prepare yourself, this is only question #1.
I find that photography of women is more available at a certain age. yes its more appealing to me than photos of very young women or very old women. i think in and outside of their boxes and have a love of photography in general so nude women is only a natural thing for me to enjoy.
2) You drink an awful lot. Why?
you are in a long line of people who wonder the same thing. sometimes i drink to be happy, sometimes i drink to be sad, sometimes i drink to remember and sometimes i drink to forget... but i always drink. is it bad for me? time will tell, is it good for me? I'm still here to talk about it...
3) You're a hard-ass, but also a soft, squishy, kind-hearted fellow. Do you see yourself more as a hard-ass or soft and squishy?
I'm a hard ass. a tough guy. don't fuck with me.... kind? yes, soft and squishy, yes, cheese reminds me of that daily.
4) If you could have any size you wanted, how many inches?
I'm quite happy with what my father and mother bestowed upon me. although i don't have my fathers monstrous balls, i have yet to have a complaint about my package other than "ouch".
5) Who would you rather hang out with? Guys or women?
doesn't matter. i hang out with three women most of the time these days and when i do hang out with men, its usually fairly competitive. so its a win win situation for me there.
6) You're idea breast size?
if the women is comfortable with her own boobs, than so am i!
7) Sunny or cloudy day?
either, the weather doesn't often affect me or my mood. i will wear shorts in the snow.
8) Roses or Cactus? (Or is that Cacti?)
we have a mean garden (as you all know) and flowers abound. i have killed many a cactus, but never a rose.
9) Meat or shrimp with pasta?
meat, every time. I'm not that into seafood unless i catch it myself.
10) If you could turn back the hands of time, what would you change?
nothing really, i wouldn't be here without everything that has happened.


1. Tell us about a special talent of yours.
there isn't a person on the planet who can argue as well as i can. i can turn things around and use your own information against you or for my my side of the debate. I'm smart, witty and a devious fucker, so debating/arguing with me is not going to work for you.
2. Have you ever been to NYC? If so, what was your favorite thing you saw; if not, what's one thing you'd like to do there? And don't say, "I'd never set foot in that shithole!" even if you think it.

i was in new york as a kid and wanted to live there immediately after setting foot off the plane. the favorite thing i saw was when some people got married at the church just before the ceremony of my uncles wedding they came out an saw a limo parked out front and got in. it wasn't for them and the driver had to explain that. when they finally did get out of the car they tried to lock themselves in front of it and "steal it" that was pretty funny.
Okay, if you don't like that one,
3. What was your favorite subject in high school.
i fucking hated anything to do with authority, still do and don't really have any fond memories of high school. i really in enjoyed torturing teachers. i once was suspended for throwing my books at my English teacher and knocking her over. old bag.


You have been elected to the state legislature. What is the first bill you would author?
do you really have to ask? hahahaa.... stupid people will be given re-training on how not to be so stupid. if after retaining they are still deemed un-employable they will be taken out to sea to look for immigrants who are paddling home made boats ashore and their seats will be swapped with them. if they can make it ashore on their own, then they will be eligible for another attempt at de-stupidifacation.


spit or swallow?
what ever the mood requires, sometimes there is too much to swallow and spitting is necessary.
do you kiss afterwards?
why not, its mine and on cheeses lips anything tastes good!
why? why not?
see answer above...


aren't tits your fascination every week?
NO, sometimes i post cartoons. heh heh.
are you a bum or a tit man?
ass man, i love me a nice round bottom!
sweet or savoury?
savoury, I'm not much for sweets at all. i like vanilla ice cream and nestles chocolate chips.
your favourite colour?
black or blue.
where do you live really?
i live in that place in between realities. yours and mine, somewhere in the middle is where i spend my time.
so what do you really think of Suzanne?
when suz first came on to the inner voices scene i wondered why she tortured herself so much by coming here everyday. her experiences here seemed painful, disturbing and new.although... i once told cheese that if i ever needed a thousand dollars i bet i could ask suz for it and she would give it to me. i bet that still stands true even though i have never met the woman. over time she has come and gone and i generally offend her, (not menacingly but honestly and never on purpose) and she tends to get her feelings hurt. honesty is not always the easiest thing to hear for some i assume. i think she is a kind
person. i joke with her about being off her meds or needing some and even though it might not be the most sensitive of things to say, its just something i say as a habit. i feel it may strike closer to home than she might let on. so, i think she is a true to her heart kind of lady and for the right man, she is a keeper!
tell me about a moment of joy you have or had in your everyday life?
even the smallest of accomplishments are of great importance for me. when i finish a project or a portion of a project is going well, then yeah, very joyous!

Cece asks:

Does it burn when you pee?
no, not since Jr.high.
Cats or dogs or both?
i like both, but I'm a dog person, you cant throw the stick into the ocean and expect to see your cat retrieve it!
What is your biggest fear?
tough one. i guess it would be something happening to those i love in front of me and me being powerless to help.
If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have 5 musical CD's with you, which 5 musicians would you choose?
sheesh... hmmm... some techno rave music for sure, i never tire of that shit. something really heavy and hateful, there is always a time and place for that shit too... it seems I'm finding more of a genre thing here. so I'll differ to that, something from each...
Do you like girl on girl porn, guy on guy porn, or girl on guy porn the best?
i like girl on dude porn. girl on girl porn is kind of lame. "oh suck my pussy and ram me with that dildo!" yeah, doesn't do that much for me. i prefer porn where the woman really looks like shes into it as well. not just letting her self get slammed away upon by johnny big dick. if she throws out a hand or two in painful protest every now and then that's a big bonus. dude on dude porn, nah, not for me....

csi and wife want to know:

1) The skies the limit. No cost restrictions here. If you could go out and buy one material item, what would it be?
a local bar. i need to feel like i have a home away from home. it could be something that grows and gets bigger or not. something rowdy for the after work club and it also would need to cater to the family food scene as well. good food, not shit pub fry-er-lator food.
2) Do you have a plan for your life mapped out, or are you living day to day?
life plan? are you two off your meds or something? I'm looking forward to next Saturday! yeah there is a bit of a plan. "save money, go on a trip, buy a house, blah, blah, blah..." none of it seems realistic when you are indeed out there living your life. if i were to change that, i wouldn't be me and wouldn't have all the shit i do today. remember the Garfield t-shirts that said "he who has the most toys wins"? yeah that's me. I'm a toys-r-us kid.
3) Your house is on fire, and it's going to the ground. Excluding pets and family, what one item are you going to grab before you run out?
one item? what do i live on the tenth floor or something? asides from pictures and my mothers clock, id grab the guns. when one has nothing material left in life there is a huge instinct to protect ones self. after having just dealt with several months of high alert fire watching, we know all too well that it is indeed family and pets first.
4) Excluding marathon power sex and animal magnetism, what is your greatest talent or ability?
cheese will laugh at me if i agree with the marathon power sex bit! hahahaa... asides from being a master debater, (heh heh, see what that sounds like there) i have a knack for making those around me happy. "oh you want to do some gardening?" blam here is a full fledged garden to do as you please. etc.etc. i have a talent for motivation when i want to . i have to want to do it though... if i don't want to do it, guess what, yer fucked.

And from Mrs. CSI

5) Your television debut has arrived! Which would you pick? Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Apprentice, American Gladiators, or The Price is Right.
gahhh, i hate television... but lets see here... I've never seen the amazing race but i understand they run around with the partner and find clues and beat everyone else to the final destination without fucking up their relationships too bad... yeah, that's me. bring it on!!!

nations wants to know:
what is your favorite recreational drug and why?????
um, alcohol!!! I've tried everything save for heroin and had some successful addictions to cocaine and meth. spent a summer leaving brain cells behind in a wake of Ecstasy pills and after putting acid into my eyes and over dosing on mescalin i think alcohol and i do just fine! i have a life partner with that one...

mj asks:

How long is it going to take you to get off your ass and send me a photo of your butt?
I've got the go ahead from cheese so its when ever i find the right one! only the best for mj!!

hntr wants to know my biggest fear:

asides from shit happening to my family i would have to say swimming in the dark. ocean swimming is generally fearful for me. scuba diving on the other hand is no problem. love it! i love the three dimensionality it has when you are under water... but swimming on the surface where you look and sound like an injured seal, fuck that!!!


Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks for answering. If they do ask about me however, feel free to give them my email address.


no worries zibbs! wish i could have been more help!

hnter1018 said...

Good answers. I feel the same way about swimming and not being able to help someone in front of me. Thats how it was when Jake had his allergic reaction

Anonymous said...

CRAP! I missed out!!!! Can I ask a question, can I, can I? BTW, that was my question.



RANDOM, the answer to your question is yes you may.

FirstNations said...

Well there you go. you sound like you either need to move next door to me or I need to move next door to you. or we need to start our own commune (call it 'free love for a price')

now go BACK over to my blog and MAKE A GODDAMN REQUEST. if its too blue for Paul it'll go up on UJ.


Megan said...

Thanks for answering. Fascinating stuff! Sounds like we would get along quite well in 'real life' - whatever that is...

catscratch said...

I totally think you're a soft, squishy just pretending to be a hard-ass.

MJ said...

Tell Cheese to get out the wide angle lens.

Mr. Shife said...

I missed out these questions too. Shit. I need to get online more often. I know it is too late but I think my question would have centered around going ass to mouth. I am watching Clerks II so my mind is firmly in the gutter. Great questions but even better answers. You are the man.

Daisy said...

good job ole man!!!! i'd give you a pat on the back but i'm afraid you would enjoy it too

Queen Goob said...

DAMMIT!!!! I've been moving my man in, merging and purging, and haven't had a free moment in literally over a week.

I saw this question thing and LOVED it, too bad i was late in asking mine.

swiming in the dark is scary!!!

Leni Qinan said...

hm... interesting answers...
I'm afraid I missed out too, but I'll ask my questions here if you don't mind.

1-What qualities do you like most about a woman? The answer should give us an idea about Cheese. ;)

2-I'm curious about the things you hate most.

and last, but not least:

3-Where is the most strange place where you have done it?

(*can't wait to read your answers, lol*)

Leah said...

Cool. You have really indulged my prurient interest with your detailed answers.

Walker said...


First, i think you did a great job man.
Great answers and say alot about your character and who you are.
As for boobs, sized only matters when you can't have them LOL