Wednesday, October 04, 2006

BLIP... get it?

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So I took a few bong rips and cracked open one of my last beers in the house, sat down and read some of my favorite haunts... I even left a comment or two... its a new thing.. Bold I know.. Letting people know im out there.. Funny, out there, sounds well, haha, out there... Anyway... Now im just sitting here hanging around other peoples sites wondering what they might really be like?

pause... Station break...

I have to quickly remind you of a moment in a movie called K-Pax... Where Kevin spacey was showing the astronomers how to travel at the speed of light... Seen the movie? Epic! Its a good one... Crazy people and all... So, in this one scene he demonstrates some of his abilities ... By traveling across the galaxy and back, before they know he is even gone he has left the planet and returned... There was some witty comment about him "pulling the wool over their eyes" or whatever, blah blah blah... Any way, here is another demonstration of that... I need to go downstairs and let the dog out and grab a couple more beers out of the fridge... im out of adult drinks in my home office... So from now on I will simply write "blip" when this is happening... Be it bathroom break or beer run, I will only write blip... Expect me to have been gone for several minutes or so for each interruption... And blip you don't even know im gone! I now return you to your regular scheduled program...

(for your information... I said it three times just there... Three different trips...I put wood on the fire, I let the dog out, so both of us could pee and... Got some more beer from the fridge... Three trips... Remember I took bong rips tonight... Are you getting the picture?)

So... I wonder what these faces in the darkness must be really like... Are they the people they portray themselves to be or are they good at being someone else? I guess im good at being someone else but really i try to be as candid as I can here.. I promise.. I have only recently let people know im there, reading and laughing... Crying and giving support... Just enjoying a new form of reading... Thanks to all who entertain for fun and share with all!!! Tremendous writers!!!

Today was a good day and I don't feel too bad about staying up late and bullshiting here... I let the higher ups know im coming in late tomorrow... I have a small project to finish in the "morning" and get to sleep in... woah i might get six hours of sleep... Its a metal project for some one I don't want to let down, good friends of mine... Cool shit with copper and iron, ive been slacking... (see im honest) well, I'd like to give it to them... They chose to spend their money with me and I want to give them exactly what they desire...

When I do what I want, I get what I want... hmmm. Simple concept, why don't I get it... I even get fringe benefits: sleep in, coffee at home, nurse the hangover and go to "work" fresh and reliable!!

All that said... Im beat and have had a good night.. Don't want to ruin it by spilling beer all over the keyboard again... What an ass... But that's another story..

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