Tuesday, October 24, 2006

If you lived in a small town...


How big a pussy do you have to be to send a "my space" message threatening to make some ones life miserable if they move into a house on their fathers property... Don't want me on you daddies property? Call me on the phone or stop by the bar I drink at and say it... it could possibly go something like this...

"Dude, I don't like you... So, I don't want you coming up to my dads property..."

"I know you feel like that... But, I have at least six friends living up there and I see them regularly... How about I don't come over to your house when your there and when we are both at a party on the property we don't talk, simply stay out each others way?"

"Fuck you, I just don't want you up there at all..."

"Sorry, I know you feel that way... I'd be just as happy not seeing you either, but until your dad tells me I'm not welcome, I'll continue doing as I do... See ya.."

Yeah right, I don't see it going down like that at all... In fact, here in Big Sur some people will just talk shit and bitch and complain... Tell lies... It would be closer to this...

"I fucking hate zack..."

"Yeah me too... He steals every ones girlfriends..."

"Yeah, remember those glasses I lost, well I bet he stole them..."

"Yeah I heard he got everyone on coke!"

"I'd kick his ass, but I heard he kills people..."

"He doesn't have to do shit, he gets everything!"

Who knows how it really goes down, I don't travel in those circles... And sadly its my friends who hear it most and stick up for me... They try to understand where it all comes from.. Its hard for them, I imagine, to be my friend, to be friends on both ends... I really try not to be a part of it... Some times I get caught musing, but I don't want to get involved... If i do, these people become a part of my life... Which they are not...

So, sorry to my friends who constantly have to either choose sides, deal with uncomfortable situations or are no longer my friends because of my selfish actions... I mean it... I would never wish for anyone to have to deal with all the shit I've put them through... You are the best a friend could have!

To everyone else... Don't like me? Don't talk to me... Hate my guts? Stop reading my posts and looking at my lame my space page... Don't want me on your daddies land? Have your well respected father come and talk to me and explain why I'm no longer welcome... And if you simply cannot be around me? Stay the fuck out of my way!! I live here too!!!

Hey, I put up with your shit... When you people come to my parties I deal with it... When I hear you talking shit at the end of the bar, I ignore you. And for the most part, I really don't give a shit... Except for a little venting here and there, you don't even exist in my world... Have a nice day!

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Anonymous said...

ya zack steals all of the chicks...I called the cops to tell them I was stolen and they said I didn't belong to the other person in the first place...funny...you aren't selfish, you are just smart, smarter than the average bear hey hey hey...