Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!

I just noticed I passed my 100th post! Damn... I was going to do something fun on here, post some pictures(if blogger would let me) and write a story about my little blogging life... To bad...

Anyway... Happy Halloween!!!! I'm going as satans mechanic.. Yes yes lame I know, but I didn't really want to spend any money on a costume this year..Ill wear my coveralls, paint a pentagram on the back, bloody my face up.(satans car runs on blood) and let my horns grow out... Yes I know... Its the same shit I do every year... Last year was satans butcher, year before I was the king from hell. Before that, hmmm (smoke coming out from my ears as I think hard)... Ah yes I was a preacher with horns... And a special bible... I know, lame costume ideas, I seem to make a spectacle of my self as well... Oops, who would I be if I wasn't me right?

I hope all of you drink responsibly and don't drive! No need to be the one getting caught on a rookie holiday...(or worse) and you have some good, clean, debaucherous(sp?) fun... Today's word of the day is legs... Lets spread the word!

hahahahahahahahahahahaha!(evil laugh)

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Black Egg said...

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I know people are out there, I was just having a night - still I appreciate it. Satan's mechanic sounds like a lovely costume, perfect. The really weird thing... I looked at your blog last night, just hitting the "next blog" button - Found it and read some of it, good reading, you sound like a hell raiser. Like it. Keep doin' it. Still I think it's weird as hell that you ended up reading mine, too. I had another blog that I kept over the past year but I deleted it a couple months ago. So this one's just a baby, but thanx for checkin' it out.