Wednesday, December 12, 2007

brain drain.

I've checked everything i can online and made all my phone calls that are work related and now i must go out side to work. rather i think I'm going to go out for breakfast instead. we didn't get back to our house until almost two this morning. the show was great! loudest one one yet! cheese did her best to hang tough, but had to break during the show. her ears were pounding. we got to San Fransisco and found a parking spot, argued with a security guard who was in charge of watching the bathroom in a burger-king. this little fucking man took his job way too seriously.

"this bathroom is for paying customers only."

"yeah, my friends are in line getting me something."

*i wave to my imaginary friend in line and give him the whats up nod*

"well, you must stand behind the cone,"

"oh, i didn't see any sign. my bad."

"well I'm telling you about it now, stand behind the cone."

*standing behind the cone with about four other people*

"now, i don't want you people trashing this bathroom. no toilet paper all over the place and trash. YOU GOT IT?"

"what no spray paint? i was planning to write shit all over the walls. damn."


this funny little black man walks over and gets another cone for me to stand behind. i kick his present cone up a few inches as i bounce from one foot to the other.

"don't move these cones..." he growls at me.

after we leave the comfortable piss/puke/shit smelling joys of that burger king we find a half full bar and try to get a drink. the bartender there was not in the mood to make any money. apparently they were beyond capacity. (remember i said it was half full?)

found another one with happy hour drinks and planted our asses. drank and waited for denims brothers to show up.

went to the show, drank some more, crazy fun people watching and drove home... yeah sorry. end of this post is a let down. i do have to go out and get some breakfast, err. i mean get some work done out in the yard.


denim said...

mmmm, breakie. RI is closed, where'd you go? deetjen's? anyway...

thanks again for drivink. sick show!!


no, deli. for my 112,943rd fucking turkey, bacon, swiss, onion sandwhich on french roll with everything. a coke, then a red bull, then two cups of coffee. i'm yawning still. perhaps a nice bowel movement would help?!? did some research on your pickuptruck, that seal thats leaking houses the oil pump behind it and the timing chain behind that, its a fucking bitch job to do, but perhaps we could fuck around on it some more, still reading about the vacuum crap. no worries about driving, thanks for the road job on the way. i dont think our gf's noticed a thing!

Black Egg said...

Glad you had fun... I do my best to stay away from ear pounding (live) music these days, considering I only have hearing in one ear to begin with. Having said that, I know my ears have gone numb at least once in the past year or so... ya gotta do it once in awhile!

Sushi the Mermaid said...

Mmm...well at least he took his job SERIOUSLY!
I can't see straight right now...but I wrote a fucking post jsut for fucking you!
Cuz your the best.


B-EGG!!! where you been! thanks for the comment! no concerts for you eh? i can understand that. im trying to refuse welding jobs for a while, my eyesight is rapidly going to shit. dappled sunlight, forget it, i go next to blind... sux... what happened with your hearing? i seem to remember something, but perhaps not...
SUSHI! yer here! thanks for the dedication of your long over-due post. great list! cheese and i were just talking about your neck of the woods. how when its so fucking icy and shitty out people seem to slip into their asshole mode and drive like their inner retard. hey, half the state doesnthave power? stay at home and have sex all day! thats what we would do! good luck on the final papers! and exams! i vaugly remember finals and all the stress that comes from them. i used to take my roomates ridalin for long study sessions, didnt really pan out, never graduated from college, but spent six years meeting all kinds of fun people! good luck!!!

denim said...

that's probably a pretty accurate count you deli whore. i don't think i've been back since the blue house. guy finally called me back, i talk at you later.


you know you love the deli bro, go in and get yerself a corndog! cool that dude called you back, you might mention timing. the signs are all the same, now not just the chain! the adjusters and guides and everything, rebuild the oil pump and new radiator and i think you could probubly get away with doing just that. now transmission is another thing.

Kay said...

Good lord. My hearing's rather shite, but I still like a good live show every now and then. I was trying to round up some buds to go see the Donnas in San Fran Jan 25th, but now it looks like I'll be a couple weeks into radiation, so that probably won't fly.

How was your breakfast?


kay! ended up just eating an early lunch. sandwich and a coke.
youve got to make this whole chemo/radiation thing work out for you.... get yourself a wheel chair and some handi-capable acces placards, roll up to the doonas show and they pretty much shove you up front on the other side of the barrier with your "caretaker".

Kay said...

Oh I've already got the retard parking pass. Good till April. I strongly dislike being put in a wheelchair though.

But for the Donnas... It just might be worth it. Maybe. If I can drink.