Tuesday, December 18, 2007


i don't know if all of you read my comments. but i recently had a commenter do something completely unexpected. fucking awesome to boot. he has written a poetic version of a post that i wrote this week. and since i love posting stuff about my self I'll post what he wrote as well....

twas the night before the morn
and i was asleep in my bed
yotes in the chicken coop
is what the inner voices said
fumbling for clothes awaken from where I slept
grabbed the trusty shotgun
from the corner where its kept
running out the door to the chicken pen
i went screaming
you fucking yotes better not eat my egg laying hen
dying light in one hand
shotgun ready to report
where are the yotes?
I bellowed and snort
I listened in the night oh what do i hear?
2 dogs talking
one far and one near
I went back to the house
to the awaiting slumber I drift
cheese is giggling
while wrapping the last gift.

Merry Xmas IV. Holler when you can

right the fuck on hntr1018!!! that is so fucking sweet. I'll start writing a post on who you are and how "we" came about!!! it wont be up right away, as i will have to get yer permission to write about you... of course no names... but it will be there soon enough!!! fucking rad man... damn...


Kay said...

This cracked my shit up when I read it yesterday. Why I didn't comment when I read it, the world may never know.


sheeezsh... i was beginning to think i was the only one who thought that it was funny!!! thanks for the comment kay!