Thursday, December 06, 2007


not much to say, shopping for shit on line. i think I'm going to go home early today. don't feel like writing much today either. so you guys are screwed. sorry. i wish lunch would hurry the fuck up. I'm outta here.


Anonymous said...

send my movie back forker!

Kay said...

Sorry work's such a shitfest.
Hope your weekend's full of fluffy puppies and pony piss.

cher said...

yea! a boobie!!!!
i'm glad, by the way, because i didn't really feel like reading much today. so this worked out splendidly for me.

FirstNations said...

is he wearing CRAMPONS? EGAD

Kay said...

Hola mi amigo.
I was wandering around some photo galleries and stumbled upon an aritist I believe you might like.
The name's Flor Garduno.
The gallery I saw was:


ANON: fuck!!! i forgot it again, tommorow i promise!!
kay! work eeerrr... pony piss? i love it, no we had a turkey pen break in this weekend though... lost the hen and the tom looks pretty fucked up. ill post on that soon. thanks for the link, ill check it as soon as i can.
cher. thanks for checking in, like boobies eh? ill put some on here from time to time then to keep you interested! dont want to bore my new readers!
nations: yeah i do believe he is! perhaps this giant likes a little nipply-prick?? howd it go this weekend with your "fudge recipe"?