Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cheese, please, oh, please!!!

say cheese!

as much as i bitch and whine about how fucking stressful and hard my life always is, how much time i never have to do the things i want and the fact that I'm always so busy, there is is someone in my life that does so much more.
cheese, you are the fucking bomb!!! not only do you mother two wonderful children, you manage to go to school to further your education. where you maintain a more then perfect g.p.a. (WTF? how the hell do you have a 105 in anything, where the maximum allowable is 100!)
you also go to a job where they don't pay you enough or appreciate you as much as you should be.
then you come home to me. fat, old, half-drunk boring me. top it off you keep that incredible M.I.L.F. body in shape and ready to um, err, well let me have my way with you when ever the hell i want!
i don't know how you do it, but id suck your blood if i thought it would give me the power and energy you have. well id suck your blood anyway! you rock!


stonelifter said...

wow that is pretty touching ode to your significant other

expressed in a guy sort of way of course

Kay said...

Awe, that's so sweet.

Cheese reads your blog right?

(Hi Cheese!)


STONE! welcome back and thanks, i was just saying i dont know how she does it all and stays sane... (well she is almost sane!)

kay: yeah she reads here from time to time, and did indeed blush at peoples comments. she said "kay is a smart one! i like her.."

watch out kay she might try to steal you...

Kay said...

Pshaw. I'm going to steal her from you.

Kay is never stolen, she steals.

cher said...

HEY! WAAAAIT A MINUTE!! I'm the one doing the stealing around here.

Kay said...

You're just too late Cher. Cheese is mine! And maybe The Man himself, I haven't decided yet.


kay/cher!?!?! mmmuuuwwaaahahahahaha... yer both falling into her trap... "be afraid, be very afraid!"