Wednesday, December 05, 2007

nothing new today

i fucking hate plastic holidays! buy this, buy that... sale today! one day only!! if i had television id throw shit at it every time a commercial came on. what the fuck does a religious holiday have to do with buying a bunch of shit for people. when did that all start. who the fuck is Santa Claus anyway?

yah, bah humbug to me too right? its nice to have the week off, its nice to make all those phone calls and go to cool parties, but why do we feel the need to spend money we don't have? i dunno... its troubling.

I'm ranting here trying to get to a point and I'm not getting there. I'll try another avenue.

I'm trying to decide what gifts to get for the girls. i don't want to buy plastic crap, dolls, toys, bullshit. I'm getting her older daughter the minnie bike and all the gear you can imagine. one down. her younger daughter I'm having trouble with. open a catalog and she will point to everything on every page. her little eyes lite up at the possibility of getting even a few gifts. i want to get her a gift/gifts that motivate her, stimulate her. not a bunch of crap she sees other kids having on t.v. or sees in a spamming catalog....

question: what do you get an uber-smart 4 1/2 year old girl who shares a room with her sister? that doesn't have a million small parts for dogs to chew on and get lost.

now cheese... hi cheese! what do you want for plastic revolution day? I'm getting you something nice and refined, but is there anything else. something I've missed?

shit i have to cut this post short. people are breathing down my neck for my attention here. our office manager is out sick and I'm filling in till lunch.

what an asshole, huh, doesn't like buying gifts... its not that. i buy stuff for the girls all the time. trust me, you would want to be my girlfriend with your kids, anyways... we exchange things with each other all the time and i try really hard to keep/make the girls happy and comfortable. so that's my real dilemma, what to get that goes above and beyond all the other things we do. is it about how much we spend? how nice the gifts are? fuck we all know its never about that but wtf? I'm faltering at this post... I'll try again later.


cher said...

i was going to be a smart ass as usual, but i decided to try the sincerity comment and see where that leads me.

i think something that the two of you would end up doing together would be cool. like build a doll house together or buy her a ticket to go see the backyardagens or the wiggles or some other equally gay childrens group that may come to do a live performance near you.

that or ether. 4 1\2 year olds love ether.

FirstNations said...

I was going to say the Rob Zombie compilation, but above got it right. Backyardagins would probably do the trick...also, my girl used to love getting art sets. color books, markers, templates, papers, colored glue,glitter, color pencils. Crayola puts out some really rooty-toot ones. some of the bigger office supply places carry it, probably any big national chain will, too.


thank you both for the good suggestions. its the older one that likes the metal music. everything from pantera to bon jovi, joan jett, and heart is her favorite band! her mom took her to see them a few months ago... yeah, im afraid its going to be puzzles and art sets. the problem i see with that is OUR HOUSE IS FULL OF PUZZLE PIECES AND MARKERS AND PENS! hahahahaaaa, what can you do? i think im going to build them a toy chest. a nice one to put all their toys in. right now they have those stackable plastic storage containers... yeah a toy chest... nice one.. *pats self on back*
dont know what a backyardergan is or a wiggle, i'll ask cheese what she thinks of that... thank you again! if you come up with any more ideas throw them at me when im not looking, for best results try and hit me in the back of the head with them!!