Thursday, December 27, 2007


havent touched a computer since last week, until last night. but here i am on my day off up early, drinking coffee, posting for you and me! lurked over at a few of my favorite places and found out im not the only one not posting. so not feeling to bad! here we go!
the skeet shoot went great, loads of people showed up, went through over twelve hundred rounds! damn clay pidgeons never knew what hit them. finally managed to piss off some neighbors! i was so excited about that!
"fuck you too, merry chistmas!!!"
what else do you yell from across the canyon as guns blast behind you?!? we had dads showing kids how to shoot and boys showing girls, so fun! bbqed up a ton of food and passed around a bottle of sailor jerry. quad rides and motorcycles, beer never ending and then dinner. buddy brought up a huge vat of venison stew, buns and homegrown veggies. people spent the night and lost memory capibilities about 10pm.
christmas was sweet, mountains of gifts and games and puzzles. the dirt bike went over great. i left it outside and when all was said and done, i exclaimed!
"holy shit, i think santa left something outside!"
i rolled it in the house and all the other "gear" gifts made a little more sense. suited her up (she was very nervous) and off she went! right over the handle bars! got back on, a few cautious laps up and down the road, then dump in to side hill.
"i need a break." she says.
"get back on that thing and drive it back over here!" i replied.
she did and off we were to the neighbors. where they were burying people in a mountain of spent wrapping paper.
down the coast we drove to cheeses grandmas, she "wasnt feeling well" and we took over cooking and cleaning for her. her grouchy uncle and his girlfriend thing and son came up. they bitched and complained the whole afternoon. (i hate that shit, fuckers, go home if youre not happy.) when they left, her grandma came out feeling "much better" and we partied and drank the night away. made "one for the road" and stopped at a friends house. he was on his way to work(night shift at the hospital) and we had a couple beers with his wife.(also a good friend) cheese was looking a little green around the gills so we split.
pulled over imediately and cheese left some christmas cheer on the side of the highway. and her car. and her sweater... o harm, no foul. got her home and to bed before she woke again. dont remember what i did. but i did find a few more empty cans strewn about the house in the morning.
spent yesterday, doing shit. slept in,(oh, btw, i got one of those eye pillows you strap to your head, get one!!! they are awesome for sleeping in!!!) played about seven hours of a video game i beat ten years ago, and spent the evening snuggled up on the couch with cheese watching movies on her new t.v. (grandma hooked her up!!)
gifts went over well, food went over well, days are going by great. got an email from an ex, lame.
no picture today, im on the mac. no speel check either, same problem as the lack of picture. i'll try to sqweeze some more time in to post more in detail, between scratching my.... and watching movies....
sushi! congrats on the whole edumacation thing!
kay! its me! i can see through the fog of hangover land. i think that will hit tomorrow, as i have been drunk for almost a week!
chubby! congrats on getting marred, er married! your pics are great! love yer hair!
manuel! thanks for checkking in! hope yours were great as well.
b.egg! nice to see a new post! thanks for the kudos and hpe youre doing as well as it sounds!

i know ive forgotten some of you but my back hurts and the coffee has worked its magic! be weel to you all!!!!!


hnter1018 said...

Ahhhhh...sounds like fun...shootin' shit...yellin' shit....eatin' shit....drinkin' shit.....ridin' shit....crashin' shit....dealin' with shit.....can't remember shit....feelin' like shit.

Kay said...

sounds like an awesome christmas. Thanksha much for the update.

Much love, and fuck kanser

Black Egg said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. My Xmas was far more sedate. Oh, and the sleep masks? Cha-Ching!!! Those things rock my little insomniac world!

Kay said...

I... Don't remember posting that comment.

Cher wants you to know that she's alive, just hella busy.

I might need to check into that sleep mask thing. Do you have the one with eye holes, or without? And do you recommend the gel ones or just normal ones?

Old Knudsen said...

As long as you eat the skeets after you shoot them as there is nothing worse than waste.

Well ok my blog is worse than waste.


hnter, that pretty much sums it up! how was yer holiday?
kay! glad to here your still fucking kancer where it hurts! i'll bend it over and hold it down, you give your best wack!
b-egg! i dont know if i could sleep in with out it now! how have you been?
kay! i suggest the heavily padded, lightly sented, adjustable model, not the ones you freeze but the ones that are soft to the touch..... so sweet!
knudier! whats been happening? got guns over there? nothing says good ole american fun like blowing shit up on the holidays!