Thursday, December 13, 2007


checks printed, bonuses included and i feel better. need to get some work done now. yeah right. hoping to leave work a little early today. well don't need to, but want to. feels like it should be Friday.
this Saturday we have a white elephant party to go to. last years was fun, and this year i think they are having more people show up. almost ended up with the "flavored lube" gift set last year, we were looking at each other with squished faces. praying that someone would steal it.
We don't really ever use lube, perhaps I'm not old enough yet. and flavored? i guess if you have a partner that tastes like shit it would be handy. "how about some strawberry flavor with your fishing expedition?" ugh. did i gross you out? not yet.
well how about this, the couple that ended up with the lube was so excited! they couldn't wait to steal it from me! older, married, young kids.... just thinking about them later on that night made me gag.

"hey babe, why don't break into that chocolate musk flavored lube tonight?"

"oohh, honey, that's sounds great! i wanna smear that all over your hot, throbbing... hey where did you put it?"

only to find out little Tommy found it in his moms drawer earlier in the evening and woofed it all down!!!

aaaahahahhhahahahahahaa, i knew i could gross you all out! eeewwhhh...
that was just hypothetical. but you know the odds are that's happened somewhere in the world. well i do have to get some "work" done today! hope you all are well.


Kay said...

Sick. Who even buys that? Even as a gag gift? Yuck.

Of course, like you said, maybe we're all just not old enough yet.

What, may I ask, is a white elephant party?

denim said...

"how about some strawberry flavor with your fishing expedition?"

man you're nasty... made me laugh tho

Black Egg said...

Flavored lube always make me think of this navy wife I used to babysit for as a teenager. She had the meanest cat in the world and strawberry lube just sitting right out there in the open, I guess I was innocent enough to find that totally fucking freaky. But yeah, lube? WhoTF seriously would want to use that especially in flavors like chocolate musk ewwww!!! Yup, not old enough! Oh and your awesome tribute to Cheese - damn. She's a lucky gal. I guess you're both lucky!

inner voices said...

kay! thanks for all the comments! holy shit you were busy as well! a white elephant party entails that every one invited to the party brings a gift worth about twenty bucks. after ll the eating and drinking is finished, you all get together and start by opening one gift. the next person in line to open a gift can ether "steal" your gift or open a fresh one, and so on, and so on, until the last person goes... a gift can only be stolen three times until it finally has a permanent owner.
its fun and silly, usually accompanied by a lot of drinking! hit me back on the email with an answer to the questions that i sent to you....


b-egg: thanks for the comment! didnt know that the lube post would bring in so many laughs!!! it has its place from time to time but not in my mouth! or cheeses... and cheese is all that and more, i dont know if i said anything that was too flowery and fluffy. i was just saying i dont know how she does it. (she did blush reading it and all your comments!)

Kay said...

That White Elephant Party sounds like a lot of fun. And I guess it would be kinda fun to set the lube free in that party, as long as you didn't get stuck with it.

And I only commented so much because you posted a crack headed amount of posts.

cher said...

i'm with kay. serious over posting went on here last week. Clearly you are almost as needy as me.


kay! i'll write a post about the party! was fun!

cher! look at me! look at me! look at me! look at me!