Friday, June 27, 2008


the folks who have survived these fires are now experiencing guilt... the home next door burned to the ground and their home a hundred feet away is still intact.... its tough i guess when that happens.

something else i heard today was "it was enjoyable to talk about and be a part of until it turned towards our house...."

and "she was so pissed that he didn't take the dogs..."

"why" i ask. "they weren't even on the property when he was there getting all their paintings and a truck load of their belongings..."

"well, he should have found the dogs, that fucking bum."

she being the wife of the man whose ex-son-in-law went up to their property while they were out of town to retrieve any valuables along with his children's belongings and some of his exwifes stuff, because their mother was too far away to make it happen herself...

"um, those dogs were at deetjens. and they aren't even married any more, he did that out of the kindness of his heart... why is he a bum?"

"he should have found those dogs..."

"the dogs showed back up there today, and they still haven't returned from vacation yet so what gives?

"hes a fucking bum...." she mumbles and turns back to her desk.

with all the hubbub and rumors flying around, i think I'm going to go home and not go out until Monday when i have to be at work!!! have a great weekend all and be safe eh?


Just Bob said...

I'll be staying in myself this weekend, but for an entirely different reason. Stay safe down there... I'm pulling for ya.

~Just Bob~

Suzanne said...

Thinking about you. Have a safe weekend and I'm pulling for all the animals.


MJ said...

Good on ya for keeping your sense of humour in a topsy turvy situation.

Thinking of you from north of the border.

Cecile said...

Well, I'm glad you still have a home to go home to. Take care of yourself, the cheeses, and the dogs. Damn, I spelled dogs, gods three times before I finally got it right. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend...always thinking about you guys and hoping you're okay.

I spent my weekend dodging crazy people at Disneyland. Wheee!!!

denim said...

hahaha, relaxing....

definitely not a jab atcha RC, but we've hardly been having a relaxing weekend. when i say we, i mean IV, me, Cheese and just about everyone else in Big Sur.

the fire started heading towards me and IV this weekend, mostly yesterday. he was advised to evacuate, and has been to an extent. but today and yesterday he has been clearing brush! hooray! (i've been doing that for the past week)

i'm heading up there later today to help. everyone is ok, just busy working our asses off trying to do as much as we can to keep this thing away. i'm sure IV will be back when he can get time.

if i could post pictures i would, i got some pretty good ones yesterday.

ttfn, if i come to town tomorrow i will try to update for y'all.


Suzanne said...

Denim, I know how bad it is. Thanks for the update. I was just watching the news for updates and again reminded how bad it is. Hang in there you guys. I know it's horrible and you're all in our thoughts.

Cecile said...

I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts. I sure hope the fire is staying away from your home. And yours too Denim. I hope the danger passes soon. Stay safe.